Welland Fund

The Welland Fund was the first local community fund created in partnership with the Niagara Community Foundation. It was opened in 2001 with the proceeds from the Welland Community Foundation, which was created in the 1990s with unused proceeds from a federal grant to support community development in Welland. When the Niagara Community Foundation created its local community fund model in 2001, volunteers from both groups met to see how the goals of the Welland Community Foundation could be advanced within the Niagara Community Foundation.

Welland volunteers helping us raise awareness of the Welland Community Fund include: Damian Goulbourne, Mike Grocholsky, Jeff Neill, Aulf Robitaille, Madeline Woodhead, Deanna Villella, Deb Zahra

Under the leadership of Mayor Sharpe, a new fund was created called the Welland Mayor's Children & Youth Fund. The proceeds from his annual gala are directed to this fund.