Wainfleet Fund

The idea to create the Wainfleet Fund was presented to council by (then) Foundation director Kelly Robson.  The Fund provides an opportunity for residents of Wainfleet to create a personal, business or family legacy in support of their community or for charities important to them. The Wainfleet Fund was created in 2011 by the Township council.  A three-year commitment to donate $25,000 was approved during that summer and the first gift to the Fund came as a result of a golf tournament which Mayor April Jeffs hosted that fall.

Once the Fund was approved a community meeting was organized to explain the long-term benefits to the community of the Fund and also to recruit a team of local volunteers to help raise awareness.  The inaugural volunteers included: Lori Heemskerk, Stan Pettit, Kelly Robson and Sharon Svob.

Shortly after the Wainfleet Fund was established, Kelly Robson and her husband Patrick opened the first family fund to be a part of the Wainfleet Fund- the Robson Family Fund.

Groups providing service in Wainfleet that have received grants from NCF include: Wainfleet Public Library, Wainfleet Seniors, Community Living Port Colborne-Wainfleet, and the Wainfleet Historical Society.

One other fund benefitting Wainfleet was the Carol Leppert Music Fund for Winger Public School and Steele Street Public School. Through her bequest, the earnings on the fund annually will provide every student at the school the opportunity to experience a live music or theatre performance.  Each year one student will receive a bursary to the instrumental music program of the District School Board of Niagara.  Any remaining funds will be used to maintain or replace musical instruments at the two schools.