Donor Stories

Stack Family Fund

Tom and Melissa Stack know well how much a bursary can help a college or university student, even if it’s just enough to buy a textbook. Both received such financial assistance when they went through school, and they’ve never forgotten how much it helped them. These days, with tuition costs on the rise, they also know that financial support for young minds is even more critical. It can make the difference between someone getting an education that will set them up for success in life or going without. That’s why they decided to establish the STACK FAMILY FUND through annual contributions to the Niagara Community Foundation. They’re intent on helping young people get a post-secondary education. “There’s a large opportunity there, really, with school costs and making sure kids don’t shy away from school because of affordability,” Melissa said. “We know what it’s like to struggle, so if we can impact and help someone else, that’s why we want to give back.” But the couple’s empathy for the youth of Niagara goes beyond the expense of going to school. Mental health resources are also important to the Stacks. So such causes will also benefit from their family fund. The decision to establish a fund was helped along by the community foundation’s established connections with local charities and social organizations. “I love the partnerships they offer as well as the broad spectrum. They’re very knowledgeable,” Melissa said. “They can come up with the ideas and the different groups to donate to because they are the hub.” The couple also knew their legacy would be used responsibly. “There can be skepticism when you donate to a charity — is the money going to the cause I want it to” Melissa said. “The Niagara Community Foundation takes that question right out of it. There’s accountability.”