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Partnering with the Pros

Have you ever tackled a renovation in your home? Maybe you're thinking of replacing your back deck this spring, or updating your bathroom. Whatever your project and or your level of expertise, one lesson all homeowners need to learn is knowing when to call in a professional for help. There are some jobs perfect for a DIYer and others, that you rather call in a pro.

As a charity foundation, we have 20+ years of philanthropic experience and yet we still know the value of partnering with a professional when it comes to estate planning, financial advising and legal recommendations. Similarly, we know members of the business community in Niagara have years of experience in the world of planned giving, for example, but sometimes, even those professionals need a hand when it comes to knowing the charities here in Niagara. This is why we call ourselves "allied professionals."

NCF partners with professional advisors of all kinds- lawyers, estate planners, financial advisors, accountants - to help turn client intentions into community impact, through planned giving, estate planning, and setting philanthropic goals. Our donors and fundholders come to us from all walks of life, and we work in partnership with our allied professionals to tailor make solution that meets their individual needs. Here's how we do it:

  • We work as your partner. You stay in control of your client relationships-we're here to help you provide a full range of services to your clients;
  • We are experts on charitable giving. Whether it's setting up an alternative to a private foundation or putting together a complicated estate plan, we can tailor giving plans to meet your client's needs;
  • We are experts about our community, so we can help your clients be as effective as possible in their giving;
  • We help you connect across generations. When you help families establish an advised fund with us, you and they can stay involved for generations;
  • We help your clients donate a variety of assets, including cash, appreciated securities, and real estate. These can be assets they give now or later, as part of their estate plans.
  • As a public charity, we offer maximum tax benefits. Starting a fund at a community foundation is significantly less expensive and easier than starting and operating a private-foundation. 

Whether you are a lawyer, an accountant, of financial planner, we invite you to become one of our "allied professionals" and partner with us to meet your client's needs. Like with any good renovation, a little "DIY/Hire a Pro" combo is never a bad way to go.