Donor Stories

Leading by Example- Not just a Corporate Motto

“Count us in!” This was the enthusiastic response of Vintage Hotels in 2016 when hearing about the new NIAGARA-ONTHE- LAKE FUND. Bob Jackson, CEO of Vintage Hotels, leads the dynamic and successful hotel group. He stepped up to the plate and immediately committed to be a Founding Member. Bob’s lead as the initial Founding Member inspired others in Niagara-on-the- Lake. Vintage Hotels has consistently been actively involved in the community so he saw an endowed fund as “a very natural thing to do” with the newly formed NOTL Fund.

Being a good corporate citizen has always been part of Vintage Hotels’ philosophy and they position their team in the best possible way. Vintage Hotels sees the donation as a long term way to contribute to different areas of the community that they select through the interest from the capital of their donation. The team at Vintage Hotels enjoys being involved in these key decisions as noted in their Service First Team Pillars and Core Values along with their Service First Champion Award. Social Responsibility to the Community is encouraged and rewarded by being included in their service excellence standards.

While building their well-deserved and well-awarded reputation in the hospitality world both nationally and internationally, Vintage Hotels has demonstrated their strong feelings about ensuring that Niagara remains a healthy and vibrant community. They have become a major part of Niagara-on-the-Lake and they continue to share their efforts and successes with the Town by contributing to the NOTL Fund.

Vintage Hotels are currently owned by the Lais Group of Companies, operating under Lais Hotel Properties Limited falling into two main groups: Vintage Hotels & Niagara’s Finest Hotels.

​Leading by example! This is etched in Vintage Hotels’ core philosophy and will keep them being held in high esteem and remembered as a good corporate citizen through their desire to always give back to the community that they live and work in.