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The Niagara Community Foundation offers a number of discretionary granting program for charities providing programs and services in Niagara.  For details on these programs, click here.

The Niagara Community Foundation Grants database can be filtered alphabetically (by name of the organization awarded the grant), by the year the grant was awarded, by grant purpose (use tags), or using any combination of these filters. You can also use the search field to locate a grant by its name or any of its details.
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  • Pathstone Foundation - 2011 Youth

    Lids for Kids awareness campaign for children's mental health will coincide with Children's Mental health week in the province of Ontario. Beginning on Sunday May 1 and culminating on Friday, May 6, friend in the Niagara region will wear their hat with a Lids for Kids button to increase awareness, decrease stigma, and raise much-needed funds.

  • Pathstone Foundation - 2012 Mini - March

    Replace the worn out bedding at Queenston location with new bedding and pillows for 8 youth beds.

  • Pathstone Foundation - 2012 Youth Grant

    Pathstone Mental health is the only accredited provider of mental health treatment for children in the Niagara Region. A Residential Treatment home will opn on Queenston Street in St. Catharines April 16, 2012. This will be a home-away-from-home for youth requiring intensive mental health treatment for up to 1 year. Grant will support furnishings and entertainment game.

  • Pathstone Foundation - 2018 David S. Howes Fund

    Purchase and EEG Machine and partner with Brock University staff and students to undertake research projects

  • Pathstone Foundation - 2019 Community Grant

    Expand Pathstone's Hear & Now Walk-In Clinic extension program to address calls from community, clients and their families to offer more immediate access to mental health services.

  • Pathstone Foundation - 2015 Community - Fall

    Purchase a Smart Board to enhance the workshops for parents, teens and training seminars for mental health professionals.

  • Pathstone Foundation - 2020 Community Grants

    Increase capacity at the 8 Hear & Now Walk-In Clinics located across the region of Niagara.

  • Pathstone Foundation - 2020 Howes

    Support the expansion of hours of service at the  mental health walk in clinics across the Region

  • Pathstone Foundation - 2017 Community - Spring

    Pathstone is becoming a Trauma-Informed Agency, recognizing the severe and pervasive impact trauma has on families and grant will support the third crucial step to train professional mental health therapists.

  • Pathstone Foundation - 2018 Community Spring

    Develop 10,000 square ft  Natural Playground and Healing Garden that will be accessible to children, youth and families in our care as well as staff therapists.

  • Pathstone Mental health - 2004 Summer Camp

    Learning and Friendship Camp for special needs children- hire caregiver for 40 children

  • Pathstone Mental health - 2005 Summer Camp

    For two caregivers to assist 2 extremely high needs kids for one week of camp - they require vigilant one-to-one care - they also received $2000 from Branscombe Family Foundation

  • Pathstone Mental health - 2006 Summer Camp

    Offers camp for youth with mental health problems

  • Pathstone Mental health - 2006 Youth

    Launching NCYC Into the Future: Assistance towards communications and marketing strategy providing information on children's mental health in Niagara

  • Pathstone Mental health - 2007 Youth

    Integrating Recreation for Children with Mental health Problems: Purchasing recreation equipment as well as recreation memberships in the community

  • Pathstone Mental health - 2009 Mini - May

    Fund the purchase of camera and printer for Child Play Therapy program.

  • Pathstone Mental health - 2010 Community

    Fund the purchase of commercial kitchen and laundry equipment for new residential treatment program in Niagara Falls.

  • Pelham Cares Inc. - 2005 Summer Camp

    Send children with physical disabilities to camp

  • Pelham Public Library - 2004 Community

    Pelham Public Library Youth Services: Materials and equipment to upgrade resources for youth

  • Pelham Public Library - 2005 Community

    Pelham Public Library Forward Planning 2006-2010: Development of strategic plan given new municipal strategic plan and community changes in the population. Grant to support fees for consultant

  • Pelham Public Library - 2008 Community

    Seniors Capacity Building: Acquiring large print and audio books to increase capacity of library to serve seniors population

  • Peterson Community Workshop - 2004 Community

    Teen Art Club: Launch of the first Niagara Falls Teen Art Show

  • Peterson Community Workshop - 2008 Youth

    Teen Art Studio: Silkscreen equipment and art educational resources

  • Plastic Oceans Foundation Canada - 2021 Environmental

    Enhance thirteen litter cleanups that take place in the Niagara Region by improving data collection, offering citizen science opportunities, and increasing the number of volunteers.

  • Port Cares - 2009 Summer Camp

    Fund the Summer Camp Program.

  • Port Cares - 2010 Summer Camp

  • Port Cares - 2011 Summer Camp

  • Positive Living Niagara - 2019 Community Grant

    Support project that will bring clients together over a two-day period to examine issues of self- confidence, assertiveness and reducing isolation by being involved in meaningful connections in community through work/volunteerism.

  • Positive Living Niagara - 2020 Community Grants

    Support the creation of new 2021-2025 Strategic Plan for the agency to set a new course for the future.

  • Positive Living Niagara - 2017 Community - Spring

    Support, Bikes for Farm Workers project that supplies refurbished bicycles to migrant workers in Niagara-on-the-lake and surrounding areas connecting them to health, social and recreational services.

  • Preservation of Agricultural Lands Society Inc. - 2015 Community - Spring

    Support the work of a student to assist in compiling research on heat and drought tolerances of food crops to be shared with business, municipalities, youth and the farming community.

  • Preservation of Agricultural Lands Society Inc. - 2013 Mini - August

    Assist with the launch of Niagara's Fruit Tree Trail which will revitalize heritage fruit orchard remnants on public land along the 12 Mile Creek of St. Catharines for community use, urban agricultural land preservation and increased local food security.

  • Preservation of Agricultural Lands Society Inc. - 2013 Mini - August

    Assist with the launch of Niagara's Fruit Tree Trail which will revitalize heritage fruit orchard remnants on public land along the 12 Mile Creek of St. Catharines for community use, urban agricultural land preservation and increased local food security.

  • Project S.H.A.R.E. of Niagara Falls Inc. - 2002 Community

    Software/Employee Training - To purchase new accounting and volunteer management software and to train staff and volunteers in use

  • Project S.H.A.R.E. of Niagara Falls Inc. - 2018 Community Spring

    Develop procedures and train a group of volunteers for a  "reduce, reuse and recycle" program.

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