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The Niagara Community Foundation offers a number of discretionary granting program for charities providing programs and services in Niagara.  For details on these programs, click here.

The Niagara Community Foundation Grants database can be filtered alphabetically (by name of the organization awarded the grant), by the year the grant was awarded, by grant purpose (use tags), or using any combination of these filters. You can also use the search field to locate a grant by its name or any of its details.
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  • Habitat for Humanity Niagara - 2018 David S. Howes Fund

    Suport the Building Futures program designed to increase employability of urban Aborginal youth while supporting affordable housing.

  • Head Injury Association of Fort Erie - 2009 Mini - Aug

    Purchase two printers for client use

  • Head Injury Association of Fort Erie - 2010 Mini Aug

    Fund the registration of 10 clients or caregivers to attend Brain Injury Conference.

  • Head Injury Association of Fort Erie - 2012 Mini - May

    Puchase display board and posters to promote the services of the organization.

  • Head Injury Association of Fort Erie - 2013 Mini - March

    Purhase a lawnmower, trimmer, plants and composter to assist the agency in caring for their large property independently with the help of their clients.

  • Head Injury Association of Fort Erie - 2013 Mini - October

    Purchase a tv, dvd player and cords to promote education, cognitive stimulation and to enhance memory, thinking and concentration.

  • Head Injury Association of Fort Erie - 2000 Grants

    Fund the purchase of a dishwasher for the clients of the Life Skills program to ensure a hygenic environment.

  • Heart Niagara Inc. - 2008 Mini - Aug

    to purchase a free standing display

  • Heart Niagara Inc. - 2010 Mini May

  • Heartland Forest Nature Experience - 2015 Environmental

    Create new Spring program "Frogs, Flight, Turtles and Wetland Sights" that will include habitat identification, interactive displays and informative facts.

  • Heartland Forest Nature Experience - 2015 Mini - March

    In collaboration with other supporters, build an interactive model train platform that will incorporate the unique outdoor environment and allow hands on exploration.

  • Heartland Forest Nature Experience - 2019 Summer Camp

    Summer camp program.

  • Heartland Forest Nature Experience - 2015 Summer Camp

    Summer Camp

  • Heartland Forest Nature Experience - 2010 environmental

    Develop curriculum on aquatic habitats for fish and wildlife for all four seasons and prepare adaptations for special needs programming. The goal is to help participants, both neuro-typical and intellectually challenged to aquire knowledge and develop positive values about aquatic environments.

  • Heartland Forest Nature Experience - 2012 environmental

    Designed specifically to meet the requirements of the Ontario School Curriculum Science & Technology for the Grade 7 strand for Life Systems: Interactions in the environment. Students will collect aquatic invertebrates from Heartland Forest ponds and pools using various types of sampling equipment, and identify their samples using scientific keys. They will learn to calculate the biotic index of the sampling site based on their findings. Programming sections of the field identification and sampling methods can be adapted to any grade. It will also be suitable for Grade 9 & 11 Biology as well as college/university environmental Science programs.

  • Heartland Forest Nature Experience - 2013 environmental

    Support four learning stations that will showcase the Forest Discovery Program. WORKING DAM: A model with a small stream of water changes as dam material is put in place. TURTLE DIOARAMA: Participants will 'dig in' to a sandbox to learn about the life cycle of a turtle. VERNAL POOLS: A diorama with a magnetic "fishing pole" disguised as a net will engage participants in learning why we are designated a Provincially Significant Wetland. FISH: A large aquarium showcases the rising substrate and the different aquatic zones.

  • Heartland Forest Nature Experience - 2013 Summer Camp

  • Heartland Forest Nature Experience - 2014 Community Spring

    Partner with Community Outreach TORONTO 2015 Pan/Parapan Games by offering nine weeks of camp that will include sports, responsible exercise and eating disciplines along with our forest discovery components.

  • Heartland Forest Nature Experience - 2014 environmental

    Support new interactive stations that will enhance the current cirriculum. FROGS - Discover nice species of frogs inour natural wetlands. FURS - With Coyote Watch Canada, awareness of wildlife safety and co-existence. FEATHERS - Life history of Ontario Owls will be showcased through a visiting exhibit from the Royal Ontario Museum. FISH - a pond diorama will provide participants with activity-based learning.

  • Heartland Forest Nature Experience - 2000 Grants

    Frogfest Niagara: Five day program hosting local schools with a focus on local animals and their dependence on wetlands and woodlands for survival

  • Heartland Forest Nature Experience - 2019 Environmental Grant

    Support community engagement activities including tree planting, the installation of tree tags, and education and awareness of the role of trees and water quality.

  • Heartland Forest Nature Experience - 2016 Environmental Grant

    Expand programming and education on wildlife habitat and ecosytems.

  • Heartland Forest Nature Experience - 2021 Howes

    Installation of a trail navigation system to facilitate inclusive access for all abilities to engage in environmental citizen science activities and enjoy independent access to nature for mental health.

  • Heartland Forest Nature Experience - 2017 Mini - March

    Purchase wood, materials, fabric and sewing machine for the volunteeer creation of a new puppet theatre for Heartland Forests’ popular programming.

  • Heartland Forest Nature Experience - 2021 Environmental

    Study the wetland and their seasonal vernal pools as Heartland is surrounded by active urban development impacting ground water flows to the tributary headwaters of Thompson’s Creek that flows through Heartland, emptying into the Welland River which is home to many documented species at risk.

  • Heartland Forest Nature Experience - 2018 Environmental Grant

    Create a citizen science project monitoring local bat populations through the use of Bat Detectors and strategically placed trail cameras, along with the creation of habitat enhancing bat roosting boxes and a maternity roost structure built by Heartland’s own wood shop and program participants.

  • Horse Alternative Therapeutic Services (H.A.T.S.) - 2005 Summer Camp

    Equestrian experience for one week for 12 young carers (children whose has a special needs parent)

  • Horse Alternative Therapeutic Services (H.A.T.S.) - 2007 Summer Camp

    Equestrian experience for one week for 10 young carers (children whose has a special needs sibling)

  • Horse Alternative Therapeutic Services (H.A.T.S.) - 2000 Summer Camp

    The OK Corral - This is a one-week camp is for siblings, or young carers, of special needs children.

  • Horse Cents for Kids - 2020 Community Grants

    Support After School Horsemanship Program that will provide at-risk youth, the opportunity to learn about, interact, connect with and experience horses and farm animals, improving their mental health and well being.

  • Hospice Niagara - 2015 Community - Spring

    Create a public awareness and education campaign to support public health approach to palliative care in the Niagara Region.

  • Hospice Niagara - 2015 Mini - March

    Purchase a computer for the residence family room to be used by visitors and residential clients to access supports and service information.

  • Hospice Niagara - 2011 Community

    This project will allow for an external ventilation system to be installed in one of the residence rooms to provide clean air while reducing odours and moisture.

  • Hospice Niagara - 2011 Mini - March

    Fund the purchase of a laptop to be used for community education, agency awareness and volunteer training.

  • Hospice Niagara - 2012 Community

    We aim to improve service delivery and awareness of Hospice Niagara’s programs and services to residents of South Niagara. With key partners from organizations in the area, we will create a satellite station to accommodate our staff/volunteers and launch an awareness campaign to solicit clients who are in need of our services.

  • Hospice Niagara - 2019 David S. Howes Fund

    Support program that provides people living with terminal illnesses and their families informed choices about their end-of-life care, earlier in the illness trajectory to help reduce their anxiety during care transitions.

  • Hospice Niagara - 2020 Mini Grants - Fall

    Purchase camera microphone to produce videos to enhance donor communication and community engagement.

  • Hotel Dieu Shaver Health & Rehabilitation Foundation - 2019 David S. Howes Fund

    Support the replacement of the medication management system, allowing for a safer, technically advanced and more efficient way of documenting and distributing medications to inpatients.

  • Hotel Dieu Shaver Health & Rehabilitation Foundation - 2020 Howes

    Purchase eye-gazing technology and Smart Writing Board assessment tools for clients of the Augmentative & Alternative Communication Clinic.

  • Hotel Dieu Shaver Health & Rehabilitation Foundation - 2021 Howes

    Support creation for a Medication Station as part of a new medication management system, allowing for a safer, more efficient way of distributing medications to inpatients.

  • Hotel Dieu Shaver Health and Rehabilitation Foundation - 2016 Community - Fall

    Support awareness campaign “Faces of HDS”, promoting programs and services to better empower the Niagara residents in their healthcare decisions.

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