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The Niagara Community Foundation offers a number of discretionary granting program for charities providing programs and services in Niagara.  For details on these programs, click here.

The Niagara Community Foundation Grants database can be filtered alphabetically (by name of the organization awarded the grant), by the year the grant was awarded, by grant purpose (use tags), or using any combination of these filters. You can also use the search field to locate a grant by its name or any of its details.
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  • Gallery Players of Niagara - 2020 Mini Grants - Fall

    Create digital program notes to be emailed to all tickets buyers to engage audience and provide insight and learnings into each performance.

  • Garden City Productions - 2010 Mini - October

    Fund the purchase of laptop, printer and scanner for efficient ticket purchasing.

  • Garden City Productions - 2011 Mini - Oct

    Purchase a sound system to be using in classes, productions and parties.

  • Garden City Productions - 2015 Mini - May

    Purchase security cameras for the interior and exterior of the building.

  • Garden City Productions - 2016 Mini - August

    Redesign and customize the Garden City Productions website with information regarding events, auditions, performances schedule and opportunities to participate.

  • Garden City Productions - 2014 Mini August

    Purchase a washer and dryer to be used by the costume department to save costs on cleaning and preparing the costumes after use.

  • Great Big Theatre Company - 2006 Summer Camp

    Send 1 child to Great Big Theatre Company's summer camp

  • Great Big Theatre Company - 2007 Summer Camp

    Will be offering 4 one-week theatre camps in Niagara (Grimsby, Niagara Falls, St. Catharines [2])

  • Great Lakes Christian High School - 2015 Mini - May

    Purchase sets of books for Battle of the Books a free and educational reading program for children in grades 6-8.

  • Grimsby Auxiliary Marine Rescue Unit (GAMRU South Shore Search and Rescue - 2018 David S. Howes Fund

    Purchase a new vessel to improve the speed and efficiencies of the volunteer rescue missions throughout Niagara.

  • Grimsby Conservation Club - 2006 environmental

    Fish Hatchery: To create a fish hatchery in Grimsby

  • Grimsby Historical Society - 2005 Community

    Grimsby Bike Tour Project: Development of new bike tour to historical sites and the design and distribution of new brochure

  • Grimsby Museum (Town of Grimsby) - 2005 Community

    Grimsby Museum Meeting Room Equipment Project: Purchase 50 new chairs to be used in community meeting facilities

  • Grimsby Museum (Town of Grimsby) - 2010 Community

    Fund the purchase of a laptop and LCD projector to provide museum staff with equipment necessary to deliver educational and special interest programs to the residents of Grimsby and surrounding areas.

  • Grimsby Museum (Town of Grimsby) - 2013 Community Grant

    The Grimsby Museum is hosting a travelling exhibition, January to April 2014, from the Charles Schulz Museum in California. “Peanuts Naturally” creates an awareness of the environment and environmental issues using the famous cartoon strips. The exhibition will be supplemented with educational programming for the general public and school/youth groups.

  • Grimsby Museum (Town of Grimsby) - 2019 Community Grant

    Support project  that will provide outdoor gallery space to the Grimsby Museum park including the installation of informational signs along side the artefacts already present in the park.

  • Grimsby Public Art Gallery - 2014 Mini October

    Purchase and install blinds between studio and lobby space for privacy, better lighting and reduce distractions.

  • Grimsby Public Art Gallery - 2010 Community

    Fund upgrades to the Studio facilities and equipment of at the Grimsby Public Art Gallery.

  • Grimsby Public Art Gallery - 2010 Mini Aug

    Fund the hanging equipment to display pieces of art in the library.

  • Grimsby Public Art Gallery - 2011 Mini - March

    Fund the creation of three sculptures by emerging artists and high school students to be displayed in Children's Reading Garden at Grimsby Library.

  • Grimsby Public Art Gallery - 2015 Mini - August

    Purchase promotional materials to celebrate the 40th Anniversary for the Gallery.

  • Grimsby Public Art Gallery - 2016 Mini - May

    Our project, A stitch in time, will be a day dedicated to the culture and traditions of the African diaspora. Two artists with work in the exhibition At The Seams will discuss their work in an interactive format, engaging attendees through an exhibition tour, hands on demonstrations, and a workshop.

  • Grimsby Public Art Gallery (Town of Grimsby) - 2018 - Mini August

    Purchase equipment and supplies to restructure educational program Learning to See.

  • Grimsby Public Art Gallery (Town of Grimsby) - 2019 Mini - March

    Support workshop with twoYukon based artists, one Indigenous, one a recent arrival, to enhance understanding of traditional territories and indigenous cultures from across Canada with the experiences of Niagara residents and our local environment.

  • Grimsby Public Art Gallery (Town of Grimsby) - 2019 Mini - March

    Support Armchair Art History series, a non-academic survey of the development of world art that will provide knowledge and increase understanding and appreciation of art and art galleries.

  • Grimsby Public Art Gallery (Town of Grimsby) - 2019 Mini- August

    Support Armchair Art History series, a non-academic survey of the development of world art that will provide knowledge and increase understanding and appreciation of art and art galleries.

  • Grimsby Public Art Gallery (Town of Grimsby) - 2017 Mini - March

    Purchase time capsule and supplies to be used to celebrate Canada's 150th celebrations with internment of the capsule at the town’s new Southward Park during the mid-summer festival, Happening at the Forty.

  • Grimsby Public Library - 2017 Community - Fall

    Digitize the Grimsby Independent newspaper from 1885-1949 so that it is accessible through the Our Ontario Newspapers website. This platform would allow researchers around the world access to the paper.

  • Grimsby Public Library Board - 2012 Mini - March

    Pilot a seed library that will provide cardholders the opportunity to plant food and reinvest seeds into the library collection the following season.

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