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The Niagara Community Foundation offers a number of discretionary granting program for charities providing programs and services in Niagara.  For details on these programs, click here.

All Niagara Community Foundation Grants awarded through our various grant programs are categorized by 'Grant Purpose'. They are visible below once you choose a view filter; they can be sorted either alphabetically or by 'Grant Purpose'. They can only be sorted and viewed by one of the two filters.

  • Easter Seal Society, Ontario - 2002 Summer Camp

  • Easter Seal Society, Ontario - 2005 Summer Camp

  • Education Foundation of Niagara - 2018 Mini - August

    Purchase signage to improve accessibility to the  main office and increase exposure.

  • Education Foundation of Niagara - 2015 Mini - August

    Purchase new accounting software.

  • Education Foundation of Niagara - 2016 Community - Fall

    Support the 500+ seat multi-use Centre for the Arts adjacent to the new Greater Fort Erie Secondary School site that supports both students and the Fort Erie/Niagara communities.

  • Education Foundation of Niagara - 2018 Community Spring

    Provide 20 low income students (grades 4-8) with the opportunity to learn the fundamentals of computer programming (coding) through an after school program entitled Spark Code World Camp.

  • education Foundation of Niagara - 2009 environmental

    Fund Project Butterfly Wishes for an outdoor classroom at Central Public School that will incorporate native trees, plants and shrubs that will attact butterflys.

  • education Foundation of Niagara - 2009 environmental

    Fund Project Butterfly Wishes for an outdoor classroom at Prince of Wales North School that will incorporate native trees, plants and shrubs that will attact butterflys.

  • education Foundation of Niagara - 2010 Mini Jan

  • education Foundation of Niagara - 2010 Youth

    Purchase resources and guest speaker to celebrate and educate students and families about cultural diversity.

  • education Foundation of Niagara - 2011 Community

    Recess Revival program will enrich student activities and enhance the physical education equipment used at recess, breaks and free time to support wellness, healthy living, and team culture. By providing a program and equipment developed by CIRA, children will learn to be more active through coordination from staff, parents and student leaders outside school curriculum.

  • education Foundation of Niagara - 2012 Community

    To provide anti-bullying presentations to parents, staff and community organizations that wil assist with information, prevention identifiers and resources to deal with bullying and the effects of.

  • education Foundation of Niagara - 2012 environmental

    The goal of the program is to educate children about our watersheds: protection and stewardship so that students can apply learning from the classroom to real-life experiences, which are more meaningful. Students would engage in these real life inquiries which would help promote student stewardship in protecting the watershed.

  • education Foundation of Niagara - 2013 environmental

    Design and install a yard waste composting centre adjacent to our greenhouse to process our yard waste on site. Once installed, the centre will promote best management practices for enhancing environmental sustainability and wil be integrated into the grounds maintenance routines of our Green Industries classes. The application of the compost generated to our gardens will also promote the use of organic fertilizers.

  • Employment Help Centre - 2018 Community Spring

    Niagara Community Garden Network is collaboratively developing a resource program and outreach initiative to improve access to healthy food, resources, raise awareness, engage the community, build capacity and share knowledge.

  • Epilepsy Niagara - 2016 Community - Spring

    Epilepsy Niagara wants to offer clients the opportunity to apply for hired (paid) work for a contract position of at least 70 weeks. This opportunity would offer them work skills training and work experience for their resume. EN would benefit by the ability to build capacity and sustainability.

  • Epilepsy Niagara - 2006 Community

    Educating Minds and Changing Attitudes with Media: A series of public awareness initiatives to increase awareness and change attitudes on Epilepsy, including creation of a DVD, acquiring a media resource library and purchasing AV equipment

  • Epilepsy Niagara - 2011 Community

    This program will prepare our consumers to enter the workforce by providing seminar and workshops designed to empower and build confidence. EN would refer clients to placement agencies while EN would still work closely with clients pre and post employment by providing counselling and other supports.

  • Eventide Home - 2020 Mini- Spring

    Purchase I-Pad tablet to be used by residents in the Tech Your Rec (recreation) Program.

  • Fatih Tabernacle Pentecostal Assembly - Faith Welland Outreach - 2015 Community - Spring

    Create and provide programming for adult residents at Birchwood Place and neighbourhood residents including cooking, crafts, exercise, woodworking, sewing, etc.

  • Folk Arts Council of St. Catharines - Multicultural Centre - 2004 Community

    Immigrant Youth Correction of Niagara: A community based network and central information space where immigrant youth can meet, access information, and formulate a voice through seminars, workshops and activities.

  • Folk Arts Council of St. Catharines - Multicultural Centre - 2007 Community

    PK Hummingbird: Replacement of 20 year old musical instruments: 2 steel drums with cases, mallets and stands

  • Folk Arts Council of St. Catharines - Multicultural Centre - 2008 Youth

    Youth Summer Theatre Intensive with Suitcase in Point Theatre: Two week summer theatre camp for newcomer youth

  • Folk Arts Council of St. Catharines - Multicultural Centre - 2009 Youth

    Parade Float - PK Hummingbird purchase and equip a parade float with safety features to carry PK Hummingbird steel orchestra of 25 plus members, instruments and sound system.

  • Folk Arts Council of St. Catharines - Multicultural Centre - 2011 Community

    A free after school, arts based program held at Connaught School and lead by Suitcase in Point Theatre Company that provides a positive environment for new Canadians and Canadian students to express themselves creatively.

  • Folk Arts Council of St. Catharines - Multicultural Centre - 2015 Environmental

    Links for Greener Learning in collaboration with Niagara Colllege will work to naturalize the terrestrial ecosystem found in Richardson's creek and the Green Ribbon Trail.

  • Folk Arts Council of St. Catharines - Multicultural Centre - 2019 Mini - March

    Train 10 newcomers on public speaking, confidence-building, and group facilitation in order to connect and collaborate with elementary and high schools in the Niagara Region and give presentations on the newcomer experience.

  • Folk Arts Council of St. Catharines Multicultural Centre with Links for Greener Learning - 2018 Environmental Grant

    Support the Wetlands Project to promote environmental awareness of wetlands and engage students and members of the community to take action in their restoration and protection,  including cleanup of local wetland areas, planting of native trees to encourage local biodiversity, public education through workshops and school campaigns.

  • Fonds Foyer Richelieu - 2018 David S. Howes Fund

    (100,000 over 3 years) Support the build of a 128 bed long-term care home for resident and retrofit the existing senior housing facility.

  • Food4Kids Niagara - 2019 Community Grant

    Develop a Summer Food Program to address the issue of child hunger during the summer months when school is not in session and student nutrition programs aren't running.

  • Food4Kids Niagara - 2017 Community - Fall

    Develop a Food4Kids program in Niagara that will feed children most in need during weekends. To ensure sustainability by building capacity and resources needed in year one start up.

  • Fort Erie Arts Council - 2009 Community

    Fund the art program in the Bowden neighbourhood that will include artists inspiring youth to express themselves and participate in the Bowden neighbourhood mural.

  • Fort Erie Community YMCA - 2004 Summer Camp

    Help to send youth in Fort Erie to summer camp

  • Fort Erie Community YMCA - 2005 Summer Camp

    Offer the opportunity to attend camp to youth in Fort Erie

  • Fort Erie Community YMCA - 2006 Youth

    Leadership Development Conference: Sending youth in its Leaders-in-Training Program to a three day YMCA conference

  • Fort Erie Community YMCA - 2007 Summer Camp

    Provide the opportunity for special needs children to attend summer camp

  • Fort Erie Community YMCA - 2008 Summer Camp

    Provide financial assistance to allow youth from low income families in Fort Erie to attend YMCA summer camp, also include youth with special needs

  • Fort Erie Community YMCA - Summer Camp

    They operate the YMCA Adventure Camp

  • Fort Erie Multicultural Centre - 2003 Community

    Welcome Kits for Newcomer Children: To research and develop a prototype of a welcome kit for the children of newcomers who enter Canada via the Peace Bridge

  • Fort Erie Multicultural Centre - 2007 Summer Camp

    Giving the opportunity for Aboriginal children to attend day camp

  • Fort Erie Native Cultural Centre Inc. - 2012 Youth Grant

    This project will focus on at risk Aboriginal youth that are disengaged from school. The vision is to re-engage youth to education through traditional Native teachings, hands on science and environmental studies. Through many partnerships, the youth will engage in a transformative learning experience that emphasises leadership and personal growth.

  • Fort Erie Native Cultural Centre Inc. - Summer Camp

    They operate a 3 week camp for aboriginal children ages 5-8 and a second 3 week camp for children ages 9-12

  • Fort Erie Native Friendship Centre - Gordon, Carrie - 2011 Summer Camp

  • Fort Erie Public Library - 2002 Community

    Fort Erie Public Library Teen Space: to create a designated area within the library especially for teens

  • Fort Erie Public Library - 2008 Summer Camp

    Arts and crafts camp and an outdoor program offered for youth in Fort Erie

  • Fort Erie Public Library - 2009 Youth

    Kids Quest Summer Camp: fund camp for youth in Crystal Beach and those involved with the Multicultural Centre that focuses on literacy and retention during the summer months.

  • Fort Erie Public Library - 2011 Mini - Oct

    Purchase supplies to offer programs teaching children historical crafts such as weaving, spinning and butter churning to educate and celebrate the War of 1812.

  • Fort Erie Public Library - 2019 Mini - March

    Purchase furniture for the tween area, to enhance the popular tween program and expand seating capacity.

  • Foundation of Resources for Teens (FORT) - 2006 Youth

    Sports 4 Youth: Equipment for a new free drop-in sports night at a local high school in Grimsby

  • Foundation of Resources for Teens (FORT) - 2009 Mini - Oct

    Fund two youth photography projects and use the photos to decorate the centre "as their own".

  • Foundation of Resources for Teens (FORT) - 2010 Community

    Fund the purchase of sports and fitness equipment to be used by youth accessing the gym program.

  • Foundation of Resources for Teens (FORT) - 2010 Mini May

    purchase musical instruments

  • Foundation of Resources for Teens (FORT) - 2019 David S. Howes Fund

    Over two years, support the continued operation of the only free after school program and youth resource centre in West Niagara and help build long term sustainability of the program.

  • Foundation of Resources for Teens (FORT) - 2016 Community - Fall

    Create an inviting and usable outdoor space at Smithville youth centre to promote physical activity and outdoor recreation.

  • Foundation of Resources for Teens (FORT) - 2018 Community Spring

    Purchase equipment to grow and encourage the FORT's free music program in order to allow youth the opportunity to learn a new skill through professional guidance.

  • Friends of Beaverdams Church - 2017 Community - Spring

    Our long term goal is restoring the 1832 Beaverdams Church in Thorold. Our immediate project is the replacement of six of the twenty-six windows as an inspiration for further donations.

  • Friends of Fort Erie's Creeks - 2004 environmental

    Biological Control of Purple Loosestrife

  • Friends of Fort Erie's Creeks - 2009 Mini - May

    Fund the analysis of the six major creeks that run through the Greater Fort Erie area.

  • Friends Of Fort Erie's Creeks - 2010 environmental

    Town of Fort Erie has identified a historical landfill in Beaver Creek. The Town has entered into an agreement with the Ministry of the environment and other environmental agencies to remove the non-hazardous debris and restore the wetland habitiat and floodplain of the area. There is also a project in the area to create and innovative fish habitat structure called a 'stranding pool' to create and improve habitat for Grass Pickeral, a species of concern under the provincial Species at Risk Act.

  • Friends Of Fort Erie's Creeks - 2012 environmental

    Friends of Fort Erie Creeks will enhance their ability to provide educational activities and presentations to our local community, including schools and youth groups. Specialized equipment is also needed to ensure our program meets the changing needs of Niagara College's curriculum to provide successful summer student placement experiences.

  • Friends of Fort Erie's Creeks - 2013 Community Grant

    Enhance their current co-op to run from September to June with students from secondary and post secondary schools. They require office upgrades and computer equipment.

  • Friends Of Fort Erie's Creeks - 2014 Mini - May

    Purchase a laser printer to print professional reports that will greatly reduce the outsourced print costs.

  • Friends Of Fort Erie's Creeks - 2015 Community - Fall

    Purchase equipment for ongoing environmental restoration and maintenance projects and programs.

  • Friends Of Fort Erie's Creeks - 2017 Environmental Grant

    FOFEC will provide a qualified person to mentor up to six post-secondary college/university students in the methodologies and application of various environmental monitoring processes whilst utilizing their assistance to conduct an environmental study on Frenchman's Creek in Fort Erie.

  • Friends Of Fort Erie's Creeks - 2018 Environmental Grant

    Support program to substantially improve surface water quality monitoring capabilities and educational components through the purchase of a new "Blue-Green Algae" probe for our multi-parameter water quality Sonde meter.

  • Garden City Productions - 2010 Mini - October

    Fund the purchase of laptop, printer and scanner for efficient ticket purchasing.

  • Garden City Productions - 2011 Mini - Oct

    Purchase a sound system to be using in classes, productions and parties.

  • Garden City Productions - 2015 Mini - May

    Purchase security cameras for the interior and exterior of the building.

  • Garden City Productions - 2016 Mini - August

    Redesign and customize the Garden City Productions website with information regarding events, auditions, performances schedule and opportunities to participate.

  • Garden City Productions - 2014 Mini August

    Purchase a washer and dryer to be used by the costume department to save costs on cleaning and preparing the costumes after use.

  • Great Big Theatre Company - 2006 Summer Camp

    Send 1 child to Great Big Theatre Company's summer camp

  • Great Big Theatre Company - 2007 Summer Camp

    Will be offering 4 one-week theatre camps in Niagara (Grimsby, Niagara Falls, St. Catharines [2])

  • Great Lakes Christian High School - 2015 Mini - May

    Purchase sets of books for Battle of the Books a free and educational reading program for children in grades 6-8.

  • Grimsby Auxiliary Marine Rescue Unit (GAMRU South Shore Search and Rescue - 2018 David S. Howes Fund

    Purchase a new vessel to improve the speed and efficiencies of the volunteer rescue missions throughout Niagara.

  • Grimsby Conservation Club - 2006 environmental

    Fish Hatchery: To create a fish hatchery in Grimsby

  • Grimsby Historical Society - 2005 Community

    Grimsby Bike Tour Project: Development of new bike tour to historical sites and the design and distribution of new brochure

  • Grimsby Museum (Town of Grimsby) - 2005 Community

    Grimsby Museum Meeting Room Equipment Project: Purchase 50 new chairs to be used in community meeting facilities

  • Grimsby Museum (Town of Grimsby) - 2010 Community

    Fund the purchase of a laptop and LCD projector to provide museum staff with equipment necessary to deliver educational and special interest programs to the residents of Grimsby and surrounding areas.

  • Grimsby Museum (Town of Grimsby) - 2013 Community Grant

    The Grimsby Museum is hosting a travelling exhibition, January to April 2014, from the Charles Schulz Museum in California. “Peanuts Naturally” creates an awareness of the environment and environmental issues using the famous cartoon strips. The exhibition will be supplemented with educational programming for the general public and school/youth groups.

  • Grimsby Museum (Town of Grimsby) - 2019 Community Grant

    Support project  that will provide outdoor gallery space to the Grimsby Museum park including the installation of informational signs along side the artefacts already present in the park.

  • Grimsby Public Art Gallery - 2014 Mini October

    Purchase and install blinds between studio and lobby space for privacy, better lighting and reduce distractions.

  • Grimsby Public Art Gallery - 2010 Community

    Fund upgrades to the Studio facilities and equipment of at the Grimsby Public Art Gallery.

  • Grimsby Public Art Gallery - 2010 Mini Aug

    Fund the hanging equipment to display pieces of art in the library.

  • Grimsby Public Art Gallery - 2011 Mini - March

    Fund the creation of three sculptures by emerging artists and high school students to be displayed in Children's Reading Garden at Grimsby Library.

  • Grimsby Public Art Gallery - 2015 Mini - August

    Purchase promotional materials to celebrate the 40th Anniversary for the Gallery.

  • Grimsby Public Art Gallery - 2016 Mini - May

    Our project, A stitch in time, will be a day dedicated to the culture and traditions of the African diaspora. Two artists with work in the exhibition At The Seams will discuss their work in an interactive format, engaging attendees through an exhibition tour, hands on demonstrations, and a workshop.

  • Grimsby Public Art Gallery (Town of Grimsby) - 2018 - Mini August

    Purchase equipment and supplies to restructure educational program Learning to See.

  • Grimsby Public Art Gallery (Town of Grimsby) - 2019 Mini - March

    Support workshop with twoYukon based artists, one Indigenous, one a recent arrival, to enhance understanding of traditional territories and indigenous cultures from across Canada with the experiences of Niagara residents and our local environment.

  • Grimsby Public Art Gallery (Town of Grimsby) - 2019 Mini - March

    Support Armchair Art History series, a non-academic survey of the development of world art that will provide knowledge and increase understanding and appreciation of art and art galleries.

  • Grimsby Public Art Gallery (Town of Grimsby) - 2019 Mini- August

    Support Armchair Art History series, a non-academic survey of the development of world art that will provide knowledge and increase understanding and appreciation of art and art galleries.

  • Grimsby Public Art Gallery (Town of Grimsby) - 2017 Mini - March

    Purchase time capsule and supplies to be used to celebrate Canada's 150th celebrations with internment of the capsule at the town’s new Southward Park during the mid-summer festival, Happening at the Forty.

  • Grimsby Public Library - 2017 Community - Fall

    Digitize the Grimsby Independent newspaper from 1885-1949 so that it is accessible through the Our Ontario Newspapers website. This platform would allow researchers around the world access to the paper.

  • Grimsby Public Library Board - 2012 Mini - March

    Pilot a seed library that will provide cardholders the opportunity to plant food and reinvest seeds into the library collection the following season.

  • Habitat for Humanity Niagara - 2018 David S. Howes Fund

    Suport the Building Futures program designed to increase employability of urban Aborginal youth while supporting affordable housing.

  • Head Injury Association of Fort Erie - 2009 Mini - Aug

    Purchase two printers for client use

  • Head Injury Association of Fort Erie - 2010 Mini Aug

    Fund the registration of 10 clients or caregivers to attend Brain Injury Conference.

  • Head Injury Association of Fort Erie - 2012 Mini - May

    Puchase display board and posters to promote the services of the organization.

  • Head Injury Association of Fort Erie - 2013 Mini - March

    Purhase a lawnmower, trimmer, plants and composter to assist the agency in caring for their large property independently with the help of their clients.

  • Head Injury Association of Fort Erie - 2013 Mini - October

    Purchase a tv, dvd player and cords to promote education, cognitive stimulation and to enhance memory, thinking and concentration.

  • Head Injury Association of Fort Erie - Grants

    Fund the purchase of a dishwasher for the clients of the Life Skills program to ensure a hygenic environment.

  • Heart Niagara Inc. - 2008 Mini - Aug

    to purchase a free standing display

  • Heart Niagara Inc. - 2010 Mini May

  • Heartland Forest Nature Experience - 2015 Environmental

    Create new Spring program "Frogs, Flight, Turtles and Wetland Sights" that will include habitat identification, interactive displays and informative facts.

  • Heartland Forest Nature Experience - 2015 Mini - March

    In collaboration with other supporters, build an interactive model train platform that will incorporate the unique outdoor environment and allow hands on exploration.

  • Heartland Forest Nature Experience - 2019 Summer Camp

    Summer camp program.

  • Heartland Forest Nature Experience - 2015 Summer Camp

    Summer Camp

  • Heartland Forest Nature Experience - 2010 environmental

    Develop curriculum on aquatic habitats for fish and wildlife for all four seasons and prepare adaptations for special needs programming. The goal is to help participants, both neuro-typical and intellectually challenged to aquire knowledge and develop positive values about aquatic environments.

  • Heartland Forest Nature Experience - 2012 environmental

    Designed specifically to meet the requirements of the Ontario School Curriculum Science & Technology for the Grade 7 strand for Life Systems: Interactions in the environment. Students will collect aquatic invertebrates from Heartland Forest ponds and pools using various types of sampling equipment, and identify their samples using scientific keys. They will learn to calculate the biotic index of the sampling site based on their findings. Programming sections of the field identification and sampling methods can be adapted to any grade. It will also be suitable for Grade 9 & 11 Biology as well as college/university environmental Science programs.

  • Heartland Forest Nature Experience - 2013 environmental

    Support four learning stations that will showcase the Forest Discovery Program. WORKING DAM: A model with a small stream of water changes as dam material is put in place. TURTLE DIOARAMA: Participants will 'dig in' to a sandbox to learn about the life cycle of a turtle. VERNAL POOLS: A diorama with a magnetic "fishing pole" disguised as a net will engage participants in learning why we are designated a Provincially Significant Wetland. FISH: A large aquarium showcases the rising substrate and the different aquatic zones.

  • Heartland Forest Nature Experience - 2013 Summer Camp

  • Heartland Forest Nature Experience - 2014 Community Spring

    Partner with Community Outreach TORONTO 2015 Pan/Parapan Games by offering nine weeks of camp that will include sports, responsible exercise and eating disciplines along with our forest discovery components.

  • Heartland Forest Nature Experience - 2014 environmental

    Support new interactive stations that will enhance the current cirriculum. FROGS - Discover nice species of frogs inour natural wetlands. FURS - With Coyote Watch Canada, awareness of wildlife safety and co-existence. FEATHERS - Life history of Ontario Owls will be showcased through a visiting exhibit from the Royal Ontario Museum. FISH - a pond diorama will provide participants with activity-based learning.

  • Heartland Forest Nature Experience - Grants

    Frogfest Niagara: Five day program hosting local schools with a focus on local animals and their dependence on wetlands and woodlands for survival

  • Heartland Forest Nature Experience - 2019 Environmental Grant

    Support community engagement activities including tree planting, the installation of tree tags, and education and awareness of the role of trees and water quality.

  • Heartland Forest Nature Experience - 2016 Environmental Grant

    Expand programming and education on wildlife habitat and ecosytems.

  • Heartland Forest Nature Experience - 2017 Mini - March

    Purchase wood, materials, fabric and sewing machine for the volunteeer creation of a new puppet theatre for Heartland Forests’ popular programming.

  • Heartland Forest Nature Experience - 2018 Environmental Grant

    Create a citizen science project monitoring local bat populations through the use of Bat Detectors and strategically placed trail cameras, along with the creation of habitat enhancing bat roosting boxes and a maternity roost structure built by Heartland’s own wood shop and program participants.

  • Horse Alternative Therapeutic Services (H.A.T.S.) - 2005 Summer Camp

    Equestrian experience for one week for 12 young carers (children whose has a special needs parent)

  • Horse Alternative Therapeutic Services (H.A.T.S.) - 2007 Summer Camp

    Equestrian experience for one week for 10 young carers (children whose has a special needs sibling)

  • Horse Alternative Therapeutic Services (H.A.T.S.) - Summer Camp

    The OK Corral - This is a one-week camp is for siblings, or young carers, of special needs children.

  • Hospice Niagara - 2015 Community - Spring

    Create a public awareness and education campaign to support public health approach to palliative care in the Niagara Region.

  • Hospice Niagara - 2015 Mini - March

    Purchase a computer for the residence family room to be used by visitors and residential clients to access supports and service information.

  • Hospice Niagara - 2011 Community

    This project will allow for an external ventilation system to be installed in one of the residence rooms to provide clean air while reducing odours and moisture.

  • Hospice Niagara - 2011 Mini - March

    Fund the purchase of a laptop to be used for community education, agency awareness and volunteer training.

  • Hospice Niagara - 2012 Community

    We aim to improve service delivery and awareness of Hospice Niagara’s programs and services to residents of South Niagara. With key partners from organizations in the area, we will create a satellite station to accommodate our staff/volunteers and launch an awareness campaign to solicit clients who are in need of our services.

  • Hospice Niagara - 2019 David S. Howes Fund

    Support program that provides people living with terminal illnesses and their families informed choices about their end-of-life care, earlier in the illness trajectory to help reduce their anxiety during care transitions.

  • Hotel Dieu Shaver Health & Rehabilitation Foundation - 2019 David S. Howes Fund

    Support the replacement of the medication management system, allowing for a safer, technically advanced and more efficient way of documenting and distributing medications to inpatients.

  • Hotel Dieu Shaver Health and Rehabilitation Foundation - 2016 Community - Fall

    Support awareness campaign “Faces of HDS”, promoting programs and services to better empower the Niagara residents in their healthcare decisions.