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The Niagara Community Foundation offers a number of discretionary granting program for charities providing programs and services in Niagara.  For details on these programs, click here.

The Niagara Community Foundation Grants database can be filtered alphabetically (by name of the organization awarded the grant), by the year the grant was awarded, by grant purpose (use tags), or using any combination of these filters. You can also use the search field to locate a grant by its name or any of its details.
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  • Design For A New Tomorrow - 2019 Community Grant

    Support the development a 5 year Strategic Plan for the organization.

  • Distress Centre of Niagara Inc. - 2013 Community Grant

    To offer a standardized suicide awareness education opportunity that will target males and those between 18 & 34 to help these groups identify and connect more easily with individuals at risk for suicide thereby helping to create a suicide safer Niagara.

  • District School Board of Niagara - 2010 Mini Jan

  • District School Board of Niagara - 2012 environmental

    Exploring Woodend through Data Logging - will provide students the opportunity to apply innovative technology to the exploration of ecosystems at Woodend, a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, in an effort to support healthy land and water conservation by inspiring youth to contribute to positive change through and understanding of our complex environment and the challenges facing our local environmental communities.

  • District School Board of Niagara - TOES Niagara - 2021 Howes

    Partnering with TOES Niagara to offer "What They See is What They Will Be!" which is a regionally-specific, culturally-relevant and locally-developed mentorship initiative for Black youth and open to everyone.

  • DSBN - Glynn A Green Public School - 2014 environmental

    Install an outdoor classroom on the school grounds, and undertake a school grounds greening project involving learning gardens and native trees and plants. Want to improve school ground shading, and incorporate more welcoming outdoor spaces for learning and recreation. The community can access the school grounds and will be able to utilize the completed outdoor classroom and gardens for recreation, education and as a potential meeting space.

  • DSBN - Grapeview - 2011 Youth

    The goal of the project is to ensure all students and community children have access to a play space that is accessible and encourages physical activity. This playground will benefit the students including the autistic program, the special needs students and also the local community. The playground create a place for the students and the community to gather.

  • DSBN - Port Weller Public School - 2015 Mini - August

    Support the Leader in Me initiative which empowers young people to gain leadership skills.

  • DSBN - Prince of Wales - 2011 Youth

    We have a plan to increase the use of our school library by improving the technology and by opening the library up to students and families outside of the school time. The plan would include the redesign of the library space to create a more welcoming 'Learning Commons" model.

  • DSBN - South Lincoln High School - 2010 Youth

    Fund an adventure based program for at risk youth to promote interpersonal and intrapersonal growth.

  • DSBN - South Lincoln High School - 2011 Youth

    This project is to reconstruct a Low Ropes Course at South Lincoln High School to offer an innovative Student Success initiative to re-engage at risk students. The focus will be on problem solving skills and through debriefing students will learn how to transfer these skills to their own lives.

  • DSBN - Westlane Secondary School - 2012 Youth Grant

    What About Me? Focuses on improving self-esteem, positive body image, health and overall wellness of the school community; while also bringing awareness about mental health issues in the school and local community. This is accomplished through workshops, assemblies, lunch time awareness initiatives, guest speakers and flash mobs. Grant will fund the resource materials only.

  • Ducks Unlimited - 2007 environmental

    Protecting Niagara Wetlands using Wildlife Nest Boxes: Creating nest boxes at one site in Niagara and working with local land owners to voluntarily protect wetland

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