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Grimsby Community Fund

Current Committee Members

Chair: Gary Evans
Members: Patrick Brabant, Allan Goddard, Victoria Hunter, Ken Pettigrew, Andrea Piche, Amanda Pyper, Don Steward, Kurt Whitnall

Our History

The Grimsby Community Fund, spearheaded by Grimsby resident and Foundation director Alan Goddard, was launched in January 2014 at a reception hosted by Peninsula Ridge Winery.  Since joining the Foundation board Alan wanted to find a way that residents of Grimsby could create a legacy that would serve his community long into the future. In 2013 he approached Mayor Bentley with the idea to create the fund.  The Mayor was aware of the success of this type of fund in other municipalities across Niagara and wanted to provide local residents with an opportunity to create something similar in Grimsby.  The initial donors to the fund included Grimsby Power Inc., Niagara Power Inc., Mayor Bentley and Alderman Wilson.  
The donations to the Grimsby Community Fund are never spent, but held in perpetuity with a portion of the annual earnings given to charities providing programs and services in Grimsby. The Foundation works with donors wanting to create permanent legacies to support causes important to the donors during their lifetime.  Donors can setup a family fund within the Grimsby Community Fund.  Donations can be made at any time, in any amount and through any means and once a family fund is created gifts can be made in honour of retirements, births, deaths, anniversaries and other special occasions.  Donors are also able to name the Foundation, and more specifically, the Grimsby Community Fund, to receive a bequest through a will.  

Our Impact

In 2019, over $130,000 was granted to charities within Grimsby through donor directed grants, as well as through the Niagara Community Foundation's granting programs. Charities providing programs and services in Grimsby that have received support from the Foundation include: Blessed Trinity Catholic Secondary School, Big Brothers Big Sisters – Grimsby, Lincoln, West Lincoln; Community Living – Grimsby, Lincoln & West Lincoln, Grimsby Secondary School, Grimsby Affordable Housing Partnership, Grimsby Benevolent Fund, Grimsby Conservation Club, Grimsby Historical Society, Grimsby Museum, Grimsby Public Art Gallery, Grimsby Public Library, Town of Grimsby (summer camp bursaries), The FORT, McNally House Hospice, Niagara Land Trust, Rose Cottage Visiting Volunteers.

In the News

We are pleased to have the support of our local media in spreading the good news about the Grimsby Fund. Please click on the links below to learn more about our work in the community.

40 at the Forty

40 at the Forty is a Niagara Community Foundation (NCF) event for philanthropic leaders in the Grimsby community. Under the direction of the Grimsby Fund committee, the 40 at the Forty event is an exclusive event that happens throughout the year. Launched in 2018, 40 at the Forty has been a saught after event for members to join as it provides philanthropists with an easy way to give back to their local community through a charitable donation of $100, while enjoying a casual evening of wine, friendship and philanthropy. Here are a few photos from our past events.