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Pathstone Foundation Fund

Pathstone Foundation Fund

Pathstone Foundation

1338 Fourth Avenue (The Branscombe Centre)
St. Catharines ON L2S 0G1

Contact: Kim Rossi, Director of Philanthropy & PR
Telephone: 905-688-6850 x 167

Registration number: 107773483RR0001
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Donate Now

Your donation will be directed to this charity’s endowment fund, established at the Niagara Community Foundation.


We strengthen the quality of life for children, youth and families who are dealing with mental health challenges.


Our roots date back to 1966 when caring professionals of the Niagara community came together to consider the social, emotional, psychological, and educational well-being of Niagara's children, youth, and families. Those community efforts resulted in the formation of two highly regarded agencies, the Niagara Child Development Centre (NCDC) in 1968 and the Niagara Centre For Youth Care (NCYC) in 1976. Both agencies expanded in response to changing community needs, guided by the principle of delivering responsive, quality, family-centred service.
By 2004, recognizing the opportunity to provide a seamless system of mental health care for children from birth to adulthood, the agencies combined their more than 30 years of experience to become Niagara Child and Youth Services (NCYS).
In January 2011 Niagara Child and Youth Services changed its name to Pathstone Mental Health. “Pathstone” represents guidance along a pathway to improved mental health. The stepping stones in the logo represent strong, solid steps and important milestones in a person's journey toward enhanced mental health. “Mental Health” was purposefully included in the name to reduce the stigma related to mental health.

Program & Services

For current information on the programs and services offered by this organization, please visit their website by clicking here.