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Niagara Land Trust Endowment Fund

Niagara Land Trust Endowment Fund

Niagara Land Trust

104-155 Main St. East, Suite 234
Grimsby ON L3M 1P2

Contact: Tim Seburn
Telephone: 289-599-8320

Registration number: 858533151RR0001
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Donate Now

Your donation will go directly to the organization specified on this page.

Donate Now

Your donation will be directed to this charity’s endowment fund, established at the Niagara Community Foundation.


The Niagara Land Trust conserves the natural heritage of the Niagara Peninsula today for future generations by acquiring and managing lands, or conservation easement on lands, for the public's long-term interest and benefit, while providing leadership in sustainable land stewardship.


In 2005 about 45 persons from many  different communities across Niagara came together to discuss creating a land trust.  Participating were farmers, foresters, environmentalists, consultants, accountants, lawyers, a politician, and persons from many other backgrounds. Their shared concern was conserving Niagara’s natural heritage for future generations to enjoy. 

Four years later the Niagara Land Trust became reality as a not-for-profit charity. It functions completely separate and apart from government and is currently staffed entirely by volunteers with a wide variety of skillsets. It operates through several committees including Science & Stewardship, Land Review & Securement, Strategic Planning, Fundraising & Marketing, Nominations & Memberships as well as a Board of Directors.  Its mission is to conserve and steward land permanently for the greater public good by acquiring or accepting donations of land and conservation easements.

Program & Services

For current information on the programs and services offered by this organization, please visit their website by clicking here.