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Momentum Choir Endowment Fund

Momentum Choir Endowment Fund

Momentum Choir

3679 Ninth Street
St. Catharines ON L2R 6P7

Contact: Mendelt Hoekstra
Telephone: 905-941-8280

Registration number: 807907514RR0001
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To provide an authentic musical experience in which the gifts of unique artists can be professionally nurtured and through which the artists can be given an opportunity to belong, believe and inspire. 


Momentum Choir is a highly disciplined, professionally facilitated performance choir based out of the Niagara Region, that consists entirely of musicians living with a disability. We are a registered Canadian charity, a non-profit organization and governed by a volunteer Board of Directors who meet on a monthly basis. In 2017, the organization achieved an important milestone, it’s 10th performance season promoting and nurturing the talents of it’s unique artists.

Momentum Choir started in 2007, with funding from the Ontario Trillium Foundation, in response to an important need in the community. There is a significant lack of programming available to the disability community, especially with regards to music and the arts.

As a Music Therapist, Mendelt Hoekstra, recognized the importance this programming plays with regards to creating opportunities for community involvement and social participation and, more importantly, the subsequent benefits they provide with respect to an individual’s overall health and well-being. Specifically, he recognized the difference music and performance made to people with disabilities. It improved their lives by allowing them to overcome societal obstacles, improved their confidence and social skills, and also allowed members to tangibly give back to the community. He envisioned a solution that could make a more inclusive society while filling an important societal gap, Momentum Choir.

To this day, Momentum Choir continues to showcase and nurture the musical talent of people with disabilities. It serves as an artistic channel, and empowering musicians with opportunities to showcase their abilities and communicate their love for music. Momentum has performed locally, provincially and internationally. It has also worked with over 80 different musicians, performed at 100 different events, spent over 1500 hours in rehearsals and performed for over 10,000 audience members.

Program & Services

For current information on the programs and services offered by this organization, please visit their website by clicking here.