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Hospice Niagara Fund

Hospice Niagara Fund

Hospice Niagara

403 Ontario Street, Unit 2
St. Catharines ON L2N 1L5

Contact: Carol Nagy, Executive Director
Telephone: 905-984-8766

Registration number: 899716294RR0001
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Donate Now

Your donation will be directed to this charity’s endowment fund, established at the Niagara Community Foundation.


We provide compassionate care, hope, and encouragement to residents of Niagara with life-limiting progressive illnesses and support to their caregivers, families and those who grieve their deaths. We serve as an example of end-of-life care, in partnership with others in the community.


Hospice Niagara was established in 1993 by three nurses from St. Catharines, distressed by the circumstances under which people were dying in our community, who decided the time had come to take action. They had read a little about the work that June Callwood was doing in Toronto to care and support those at the end of life, and decided to bring some of those ideas to Niagara.  Those three nurses established a visiting volunteer program to provide care, support and dignity for people in our community who were nearing the end of life. Hospice Niagara was born.  As Hospice Niagara grew and matured, it attracted an increasing number of volunteers and caregivers. Standards of care and training were developed by the St. Catharines group that were so thorough and beneficial that they became the core of Provincial standards. Eventually, a Day Hospice began, and every Wednesday, volunteers, staff and clients gather for weekly support sessions.  Hospice Niagara’s dream was to someday have a residential hospice. That dream became a reality in 2007 when The Stabler Centre was opened at 403 Ontario Street in St. Catharines. Most of Hospice Niagara’s programs – Visiting Volunteer, Day Hospice, 10-bedroom Residence, Bereavement Support and the North Palliative Shared Care Team - are located in this centre. Hospice Niagara also has an office in Welland that houses our South Palliative Shared Care Team.