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Our Stories

Giving for our Future

Giving time and money to causes that resonate have always been important to Ruth and William Todd. More critical to the Grimsby couple is ensuring the longevity of their generosity and encouraging a ripple effect. How can they ensure they’ll have an impact on their community years from now?

The answer was creating the TODD FAMILY FUND within the Niagara Community Foundation’s Town of Grimsby Fund. Money contributed each year to their named fund would support charitable organizations in the west Niagara community. It would also set an example for their children, Holly, 19, and Garrett, 16, who could one day be in a position to join their parents’ efforts. The hope is that others will join, and our collective efforts will make a difference in the Grimsby community.

“We do a lot of volunteering and gifting. You see the results in the moment but you’re not always sure of the long-term impact,” Ruth explains. “This was another way to give back and ensure it was longer-lasting. It was also a way for our smaller contribution to join with others and have a larger impact.”

More than that, Ruth and William know they’re establishing a legacy with an organization that has an unshakeable reputation of doing right by both donors and the causes being supported. That gives the Todd’s peace of mind about how their fund will be used, and, most importantly, its sustainability.

​“When you’re thinking about the future, you want to be attached to an organization that’s going to be there,” Ruth says. “We also liked the connection to our local area. You can fill needs within your own community.”

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