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Donors / Current Funds

Current Funds

Adrie's Hope Fund
Adult Literacy Council of Greater Fort Erie Fund
Agape Fund Series - J.L. Garrett & Family
Agape Fund Supporting Big Brothers Big Sisters North & West Niagara
Agape Fund Supporting Red Roof Retreat
Agape Fund Supporting Youth Unlimited St. Catharines
Alice Crawley Endowment for Women Artists Fund
Alice Downie- Bacon Education Fund
Americana-DiBellonia Family Fund
Andrea F. Douglas Fund
Andreana Family Trust
Angie & Gary Talosi Family Fund
Ann Fast Fund
Ann Louise Branscombe Flow-through Fund
Ann Speedie Niagara Concerts Memorial Fund
Anna Angelone Endowment Fund
Anonymous Fund(s)
Art & Val Fleming Fund
Arthur Dalfen Fund
Arts & Heritage Com. Dev Fund - Old Town NOTL
Aspiring Healthcare Leaders in Niagara Bursary Fund
Audrey Shimizu Memorial Fund
Augustyn Berkhout Family Fund
Auzins Family Endowment Fund
Barbara Gale Seniors & Youth Fund
Barbara Harris Endowment Fund
Beatties Basics Anniversary Fund
Ben & Sharon Custers Family Fund - In Memory of Ben Jason
Bert Miller Nature Club Endowment Fund
Beth and Murton Seymour Family Fund
Bethlehem Housing and Support Services Endowment Fund
Big Brothers Big Sisters Endowment Fund
Billes Family Future Housing Fund
Bluevalley Foundation
Bob Gale Recreation Fund
Branscombe Families Fund
Brend Butler Family Fund
Brend Butler Family Fund 2
Brend Butler Family Fund 3
Brend Butler Family Fund 4
Brian & Marilyn Power & Family Fund
Brian and Rachel Delaney Fund
Brock Leaders Citizenship Society Fund
Bruce and Bonnie Wallace Family Fund
Brunatti-Dyment Fund
Burgoyne Doolittle Fund
Bush Family Fund
Canada GOATS Endowment Fund
Caplan Family Anniversary Legacy Fund
CARMI for Kids
Carol Leppert Music Fund for Steele Street School
Carol Leppert Music Fund for Winger Public School
Caughill Family Fund
CFUW St. Catharines 100th Anniversary Scholarship Fund 
CFUW St. Catharines Endowment Fund
CFUW Welland & District Charitable Trust Scholarship Fund
Charron Family Fund
Charron Family Fund
Children of Niagara's Migrant Workers Award Endowment Fund
Chris Lackenbauer Memorial Fund
Christopher John Slater Fund
Chuck and Judy Smith Bursary Fund
Church of the Transfiguration Education Fund
Cohen Family Fund
Colleen Kiers Memorial Fund
Collins-Dingman Fund
Community Care - St Catharines Thorold Fund
Community Care of West Niagara Endowment Fund
Community Living St. Catharines Endowment Fund
Conservation Niagara Fund
Cooper Family Fund
Cornelius & Helen Vanden Top Charity Foundation
Cornelius & Helen Vanden Top Charity Fund
Courtyard Marriott Hotel Fund
Crawford Smith & Swallow Fund
Credit Counselling of Regional Niagara Fund
Cultural Endowment Fund for Niagara
Danna McDonough Fund
Darte Family Youth Mental Health Fund
Dave and Sonia Stevenson Fund
David and Susanne DiLalla Howes Family Fund
David Sacco Fund
David S. Howes Fund
Debi Pratt Fund
Di Cienzo Family Fund
Donald & Barbara Fraser Family Endowment Fund
Dorothea Thomas Foundation
Dr. Jane Parr and Spriegel Family Fund
Dr. Jaroslaus and Mrs. Edith Czerevko Family Fund
Dr. John Hunter Fund
Dr. Scotty & Kay Wilson Legacy Fund
Dr. T. W. & Muriel O'Mulvenny Fund
Dritsacos Family Fund
Durward Jones Barkwell
Ed & Jessica Friesen Fund
Ed and Rosalie Vasso Fund
Education Foundation of Niagara Fund
Education Foundation of Niagara Medical Needs Fund in Honour of Cindy Paskey
Education Foundation Bursary Fund for DSBN Academy Students
Education Foundation Bursary Fund for DSNB Students
Education Foundation of Niagara Poverty & Emergency Relief Fund
Elm Tree Fund
Elvi Vicary Fund
Embassy Suites Hotel Niagara Falls Fallsview Fund
Enbridge Awaire Fund
Environmental Legacy Fund for Niagara West FT
Environment Flow Through Fund
Ericway Tire Community Fund
Facca-Mindorff Family Fund
Fallsview Casino Resort Fund
Fengate Realty Group Environmental Fund
Ferrara Kennedy Student Award Fund
Fort Erie Conservation Club Fund
Frank Charles Miller Charitable Fund
Freda Mae LeGallais Music Niagara Fund
Frederika & Benjamin Van Hoffen Charitable Foundation
Friends of Fort Erie's Creeks Fund
Gallo-Paskey Health Care Fund
Gary & Mall Accursi Family Fund
Gary Talosi Thanks Port Colborne Fund
Gene Luczkiw Spirit of Enterprise Endowment Fund
Geoffrey Mayo Fund
George & Doris Shepherd Family Fund
George and Jackie Thomas Bursary
George Darte Funeral Chapel Fund
Gerald Kowalchuk Family Fund
Grape & Wine Education Research Fund
Grimsby Community Fund
Grimbsy Benevolent Endowment Fund
Grimsby Museum Endowment Fund
Grimsby Public Art Gallery Collection Endowment Fund
Groch Family Fund
Grocholsky Family Fund
Groom Jensen Family Fund
Hammond Family Fund
Happening at the Forty Fund
Harry Deline Fund
Hartley & Florentine Wallace Fund
Harvey & Mary Jane Hall Fund
Hay Family Fund
Headway Homes Fund
Hildebrand Lehn Family Fund
Hilton Niagara Falls Fallsview Fund
Holmes Barrett Family Fund
Hopkins Hill Family Fund
Hospice Niagara Fund
Howard & Alice Clausen Fund
Howard V. Staff Memorial Fund
Hummel Family Fund
Ida & Bob Gale Sr. Community Fund
Jack and Nora Walker Fund
James & Landy O'Donnell Fund
Janet St. Amand & Doug Herod Fund
Jean Whitty Family Fund
Jessica Potts Fund
Jessie and Oscar Thompson Memorial Fund
Jim Howden & Ruth Moffatt Fund
Jo & Norm Opperman Fund
Joan & Larry Bourk Fund
Joan E Marlow Salvation Army Endowment Fund
Joan E. Marlow Fund
Joan E. Marlow YWCA Endowment Fund
Joan Tovenati Fund
John & Jan Potts Fund
John and Jan Potts Children at Risk Fund
John and Darlene Tuck Family Fund
John and Lillian Clark Fund
John Habuda and Leona Vaillancourt Fund
John-Micheal Martin Memorial Fund
Jordan Engineering Jane Cunningham Fund
Jordan Engineering Shared Blessings Fund
Joseph Olascki Trust Fund
Jostman Fund
JP Fund
Judith Barker Fund
June Munro Fund
Katey Marie Campbell Fund
Kathie and Rob Welch Fund
Kathleen Summers and John Picken Fund
Kate Ostryhon-Lumsden Fund
Ken and Jennifer Southward Family Fund
Kerry and Barbara Cornelius & Family Fund
Kerry and Todd Shoalts Family Fund
Kiers Family Fund
Krista White Memorial Fund
Kristen French Child Advocacy of Niagara Endowment Fund
Kuska Family Memorial Student Awards Fund
Land Care Niagara Fund
Larry and Olga Andrusiw Paramedic Award Fund
LetPets Live Fund
Lincoln Chamber of Commerce Fund
Lincoln Community Fund
Lincoln County Fair Endowment Fund
Linda Crabtree C.M., O.Ont. and G. Ronald Book Fund
Lisa J. Badger-Gram Memorial Fund
Lise & Gerry Needs Based Scholarship Fund
Little-Green Family Fund
Liz Powell Fund
Luigi & Amalia Setacci Fund
Luigi & Amelia Setacci Health Niagara Fund
Lycett Family Fund
Lynn and Kevan's Niagara Charities Fund
M&N Walker Foundation
M&N Walker NSO Fund
M. K. Rittenhouse Family Fund
Marchand Kruczynski Family Fund
Margaret Robinson Fund
Mark & Jean Brohman Family Fund
Mario and Rachel De Divitiis Fund
Mark Graham Memorial Endowment Fund
Marsh Family Fund
Martha Abra Fund
Marv Kriluck Fund
Mary & John Koval Fund
Mary Urlocker Fund
Matthew Zimmerman Memorial Fund
May Crane Fund
Mayflowers Fund
Mayholme Foundation Fund
McNally House Endowment Fund
Medland and Green Inspiring Artists Bursary
Meridian Credit Union Fund
Michael & Paula Mann Family Fund
Michael Berlis & Ellen Cheslock Fund
Moira Davidson Fund
Molly and David Simpson Fund
Momentum Choir Endowment Fund
Monastery of Mount Carmel Fund
Monika and Darren Pries-Klassen Fund
Morabito Family Fund
Morgan Funeral Home Community Fund
Moses F. Rittenhouse Trusts Fund
Mullins Family Fund
Murray-Surtees Fund
Music Niagara Endowment Fund
Necklaces of Hope Foundation
Neill Terry Family Fund
Nelson Aggregate Environmental Fund
Newman Rigby Family Fund
Niagara Aboriginal Advancement Fund
Niagara Falls Big Brothers Big Sisters Scholarship Fund
Niagara CAER Group Fund
Niagara Children's Centre Fund
Niagara Children's Chorus Fund
Niagara Engineering Week Scholarship Fund
Niagara Falls Humane Society Shelter Enhancement Fund
Niagara Foundation for Family and Children's Services Endowment Fund
Niagara Land Trust Endowment Fund
Niagara-on-the-Lake Community Fund
Niagara-on-the-Lake Museum Fund
Niagara-on-the-Lake Public Library Endowment Fund
Niagara-on-the-Lake Public Library - Michael Dietsch Family Fund
Niagara Peninsula Energy Flow-through Fund
Niagara Pumphouse Visual Arts Scholarship
Niagara Road Supvrs. Assoc. Fund
Niagara Seniors Endowment Fund
Niagara Survivor Services Fund
Niagara Symphony Association Endowment Fund
Niagara West Community Flow-Through Fund
Niagara West Community Fund
Nitsopoulos Families' Fund
Norman & Lisa Wills Fund
NOTL Healthcare Foundation Community Fund
NOTL Healthcare Foundation Palliative Care Fund
NOTL Palliative Care Service Fund
P. Louis and Philamena A. Giagnorio Fiorentino Scholarship Fund
Palmieri Family Fund
Pathstone Foundation Fund
Patrick & Nancy McNally Family Fund
Pelham Community Fund
Pelham Public Library
Peter & Andrew Papp Family Fund
Peter & Ann Koppel Family Fund
Peter & Gloria M. Giagnorio Savelli Scholarship Fund
Peter & Mora Richmond Fund
Peter Partridge & Poppy Gilliam Family Fund
Pettigrew Family Fund
Philip and Karen Court Family Fund
Pope Francis Scholarship Fund In Memory of Paul Colton
Port Colborne Downtown Cruisers Association Fund
Prudhomme-Beatty Family Fund
R&K Fund
Rankin Cancer Run Foundation
Rashmi Biswas & Rick Besteman Fund
Red Roof Retreat Endowment Fund
Regan Peacock-Fung Memorial Art Fund
Regional Chair's Environmental Legacy Fund for Niagara
Regional Chair's Smart and Caring Community Fund
Richard and Cathy Gark Family Fund
Ripley's Great Wolf Lodge Fund
Rob and Christine Long Fund
Robert A. Lavelle Memorial Fund
Robert Cooper Choral Scholars Fund
Robson Family Fund
Roll Surface Technologies Inc Fund (2)
Roll Surface Technologies Inc. Fund
Rosanne's Cancer Prevention Fund
Rosanne's Chronic Care Support Fund
Rose Family Fund
Rotary Club of St. Catharines Fund
RV Anderson Assoc. Fund
RWDI Air Inc. Fund
Samuel L. Rudolph Memorial Fund
Salit Steel Charitable Fund
Sean Jackson Scholarship Fund
Secord-Reid Family Fund
Semley-McKeown Family Fund
Smithville and District Lions Club Fund
Smylski-Attenborough Fund
St. Catharines Community Fund Endowment
St. Giles Presbyterian Church CEVO Fund
Stack Family Fund
Stayzer Family Fund
Stephen Souter Memorial Fund
Stewart Family Endowment Fund
Sullivan Mahoney Endowment Fund
Sunday in the Parks Fund
Suzanne Curtin Fund
Svatantra Foundation
The RAFT Endowment Fund
Thorold Community Fund
Todd Family Fund
Tom & Annette Urlocker Family Fund – In Memory of our son Patrick
Tom and Mary Cronin Fund
Tomlinson Family Fund
Touch a Truck Niagara Early Childhood Literacy Fund
Troup Family Memorial Fund
Upper Canada Lodge Auxiliary - Constable Family Fund
Urban & Environmental Mgmt Fund
Urlocker-Dillon Family Fund
Valentina McLeod Arts & Heritage Community Development Fund for the 'Old Town' of NOTL
Vanessa & Evan Brazeau Fund
Verna & Maurice Walker Fund
Vince and Margaret Pillitteri & Family Fund
Vintage Hotels Niagara-on-the-Lake Community Fund
W. S. Tyler Canada Environmental Fund
Wainfleet Community Fund
Walker Industries Earth 1st Fund
Walter & Sons Excavating Environmental Fund
Waters & Meredith Fund
Welland Com Fund - Raymond & June Harper Fund
Welland Flatwater Fund
Welland Hospital Foundation Endowment Fund
Welland Mayor's Children & Youth Fund
Wellspring HOPE Fund
Whyte Family Endowment Fund
William and Mary Lu Ellis Fund
Wills Family Foundation
Women's Place of South Niagara Endowment Fund
Woodhead Family Fund
Young Children Priority First - Kiwanis Fund
Zonta Club of Niagara Falls Fund