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Donors / Benefits

Recognition and Participation 

An endowment fund created in a donor's name becomes a permanent legacy that will be celebrated for generations. Fund holders are recognized in the Niagara Community Foundation's Annual Report that is distributed to all fund holders as well as throughout the community. The degree of participation by the donor and their family is flexible. They may participate in granting decisions and the delivery of grant cheques.



Fund holders can direct their support to particular charities or leave those decisions to the Niagara Community Foundation, which is skilled in identifying and evaluating granting needs and opportunities. Fund holders may visit the facilities of grant recipients and potential recipients.


Professional Management

The Niagara Community Foundation is managed by professional staff and governed by a volunteer Board of community leaders from throughout Niagara.


Flexible Gift Options

Donors may choose from a variety of gifting options. The Niagara Community Foundation staff will work with donors and their advisors in exploring options for charitable gifts such as cash, life insurance, appreciated securities and bequests. Our goal is to be responsive to the donor's personal, financial and philanthropic objectives.



Donors are able to: 
  • create their own philanthropic Fund
  • simplify giving, record keeping and tax return preparation
  • time their giving to match cash flow and maximize tax benefits
  • avoid the complexities of a private foundation


Community Impact and Leadership

The Niagara Community Foundation will help donors target their dollars toward projects that meet the community's most pressing challenges and opportunities. We believe that by strengthening the gifts, assets and capabilities of community organizations, we strengthen our community as a whole. The Foundation works with other organizations, funding agencies, citizens and government to identify and address community issues.


Responsible Stewardship

Professional money managers are selected to invest the Foundation's assets. By pooling Funds for investment and administrative purposes, the Niagara Community Foundation is able to minimize costs. Fund holders receive annual reports on their Fund's performance as well as follow-up reports on grant recipients and the use of grant funds.