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Donors / Annual Funds Costs

Annual Funds Costs

Endowed funds

Each endowed fund is assessed a share of the investment management fees paid by the Foundation, which is less than 1% of the value of the fund. As the value of the Foundation's total investments increase, this fee decreases.

Each endowed fund is also assessed an administration fee which covers legal, audit, staffing, rent and other overhead costs. 
The fee breakdown is as follows:
Minimum annual fee is $50, prorated on a monthly basis in the year of the initial donation

The annual administration fee is a laddered fee, which means that a different fee is charged on different parts of your fund.
On the first $500,000 in your fund, we charge 1.25% annually.  On the next $500,000 in your fund, we charge 0.85%.  On the balance in your fund over $1,000,000 we charge 0.75%.   For donations in excess of $5,000,000 the fees are negotiable.
For example on a gift of $1.5 million, here’s is how the fee would be calculated:
1.25% on the first $500,000 $6,250
0.85% on the next $500,000 $4,250
0.75% on the next $500,000 $3,750
Total administration fee $14,250
Total administration fee as % of gift 0.95%

Flow-through funds

Occasionally a donor with an endowed fund will ask the Foundation to flow-through their donation to one or more charities.  Minimum annual fee of $150 or 1% of the value of the donation.  This fee covers 10 transactions (including donations or grants). Additional transactions will each be charged a $50 fee.  The fee could be waived if funds are held for a minimum of three months and Foundation retains investment earnings or if the donor has an existing endowed fund with the foundation.

Extraordinary expenses

Funds may be charged for any extraordinary direct expenses incurred on behalf of a specific commission for the sale of contributed stock or sale of property. Additional fees may be assessed for extraordinary services such as special grant processing and other non-standard services. The donor is aware of these fees in advance of making the gift.