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Community Collaboration / Overview
Overview - Providing Home Town Support

Providing Home Town Support

The Niagara Community Foundation is regularly invited to participate in community initiatives. The involvement has varied and has included: consultation with respect to strategic plan development; participation in focus groups around particular initiatives or issues; membership on collaboratives, steering or advisory committees for region wide initiatives or acting as financial host for a regional initiative. Our involvement fits into one of the following categories: organizational development, community development or project development.

In September 2009, the Board of the Foundation established a policy that when we are approached to participate in a community leadership initiative or if the Foundation develops a new community leadership initiative, then the following criteria comprise the framework to guide our decision making process:
  • reflects key principles of trust, flexibility, respect and collaboration and is consistent with the mission, vision and values of the Foundation
  • acknowledges not all community development work will immediately
    • embraces clear and measureable outcomes - recognizing community building is evolutionary by nature
  • brings the right people around the table
    • is committed to a common purpose
  • avoids duplicating what currently exists in the community, or will in the future
    • produces a clear community benefit
  • is action oriented processes associated with planning and implementation