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Community Collaboration / Niagara Connects

Niagara Connects

Niagara Connects (formerly Niagara Research and Planning Council) is a Niagara-wide network for collaboration, planning, learning, innovation and community action toward a stronger future for Niagara.  Niagara Connects has four core products that fast-track Niagara citizens’ search for relevant, reliable, Niagara-focused information to support evidence-informed decision-making. 

These include:
  • Living in Niagara Report, a regular measure of the quality of life in Niagara measured across 12 sectors.  The Niagara Community Foundation’s discretionary grants program criteria are linked with research and data contained in this report.
  • Niagara Knowledge Exchange, a web-based resource for people to access and exchange news and ideas on Niagara-focused planning, collaboration, learning, innovation and community action
  • Niagara Community Calendar, an online tool that is part of the Niagara Knowledge Exchange, for Niagara-wide sharing of events, community activities, and learning opportunities
  • Visualizing Connections: facilitating community projects, a service that enables focused planning and decision-making that strengthens well-being and opportunities for Niagara’s citizens