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Charities / Governance Coaching Program - (GCP) / GCP - Overview

GCP - Overview

What is the Governance Coaching Program (GCP)?

The Governance Partners Program (now the Governance Coaching Program) was launched by the Foundation in 2016. The Governance Coaching Program begins January 2020, providing grants for customized consultation services to Boards of Directors and Senior Staff of registered charities in Niagara.
The GCP helps registered charities identify their strengths and challenges in 5 key priority areas:

  • Board governance – leadership, oversight, policies and processes
  • Financial accountability and transparency
  • Fundraising – leading practices and donor relationships
  • Board-Staff relationship – policies, staff recruitment, performance management, professional development
  • Volunteer management – policies, procedures, practices

and provides expertise and resources to help charities improve their performance.
Successful applicants will receive 20 hours of coaching by a qualified GCP Consultant. The Consultant will design a unique work plan to meet your organization’s needs, and provide facilitation and resources to support your Board of Directors and Senior Staff. 
Interested? Invite a GCP Consultant to your next board or committee meeting to provide a complimentary information session.

For more information
For more information on the Governance Coaching Program, please contact Gay Douglas, the Governance Coaching Program Coordinator at gay.douglas@niagaracommunityfoundation.org or by calling 905-295-0779.