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To give is to receive

Betty-Lou Souter believes to give is to receive . . . “I don’t need recognition,
the happiness giving brings, is enough for me.”
Betty-Lou was one of the first Board members for the Niagara Community Foundation
and the initial chair of the Foundation’s Grants Committee. She continues her
relationship with the Foundation as a Community Ambassador.
Betty-Lou was born just outside of Ottawa Ontario, grew up in Montreal, Quebec
and eventually moved with her husband Ken and their two sons to St. Catharines.
That was when it all began . . . her unfailing quest to make a difference through
giving of her time, energy and talent to help others.
One of her on-going challenges is to reduce poverty in Niagara.
“I choose to live a life that matters and go the extra mile by giving
back to my Community” says Betty-Lou. “It is important to help
bring others from the back to the front in life.”
As CEO of Community Care St.Catharines and Thorold,
Betty–Lou carries on her efforts to help the community have a
better understanding of the trials and tribulations of those who
struggle to survive. She strives to influence people: “to care for,
rather than judge the less fortunate.”
In 2007 under Betty-Lou’s leadership, Community Care established
a charitable organization fund with the Niagara Community
Foundation in direct support of the agency’s on-going work to
win the war against poverty in Niagara.
In 2008 Ken and Betty-Lou Souter established the Stephen Souter Memorial Fund with
the Foundation. Both felt strongly about being able to direct the fund to focus
on what was important to Stephen, who was an artist and involved in
the performing arts. “We wanted our son to be remembered by
this legacy of giving, with the hope of making a difference in the life of
other artists.”

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