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Swinging a club for a good cause

Kevan O’Connor knows how to celebrate a birthday: get a few friends on the golf course and, instead of making the day about him, use it to raise money for a good cause.
For the past three years, he and partner Lynn Masaro have chipped in the money raised to create the O’Connor Masaro Fund with the Niagara Community Foundation. Building up a pool of money that will eventually be self-sustaining while supporting important community endeavours has a lasting effect, and that’s what the couple wanted, Kevan said.
Better yet, working through the Foundation provides them with the oversight to ensure the greatest value for the money they’ll continue raising on the greens. The discipline required to contribute year after year also can’t be overstated, he noted.
“To do a one-off donation to something doesn’t have a lasting effect. To do something more requires discipline. The Foundation provides that discipline. They help you meet goals and there’s a formality to it. That discipline gives you stick-to-it-iveness. You can lose interest as time goes by but not with the Foundation.”
The fund will begin being shared with community groups and projects in 2017. In the meantime, O’Connor is putting his 72 golf buddies on standby to practice their swings. They’ll be teeing off with him again soon. 

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