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Making their mark

Catherine Mindorff-Facca and Jack Facca have seen first-hand the
way the Niagara Community Foundation has improved the quality of
life in their hometown – Fort Erie. So when the Foundation’s former
executive director Liz Palmieri asked the couple to be among the first
to join the Make Your Mark Campaign, they knew it was something
they wanted to do.
In honour of Canada’s celebration of the 150th anniversary of
Confederation, the Foundation has a goal of establishing 150 such
funds, designed to demonstrate that anyone can be a philanthropist.
Donors are asked to contribute at least $50 a month for 150 months,
with $35 of each contribution placed in a permanent endowment
fund and $15 pooled with other such gifts and spent in the community
right away. By the time the last contribution is made, donors will have
invested $2,250 in grants in their community and have created a
$5,000 endowment fund as their family’s permanent gift.
Catherine said they liked the idea that their gift would be enriching
their community long after they are gone.
Both Jack and Catherine come from large families, and between
them they have 54 nieces and nephews. The Facca-Mindorff
Family Fund has become one of the ways the family celebrates –
with contributions being made to mark milestones such as birthdays
and graduations. Many of the family members are far-flung, but they
like knowing that when they celebrate, the community where they
have their roots is celebrating too.
Just as Catherine and Jack have quietly made it their priority to
actively volunteer behind the scenes for countless community
endeavours, the Facca-Mindorff Family Fund is quietly investing in
the community and causes they love.
The grants aren’t simply a hand-out, Catherine said. “There’s a
difference between charity and investing and I have seen these
(Foundation) grants make a difference in people’s lives.
“We consider it an investment in people.”

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