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Making giving automatic

Like some people give to an automatic savings plan, Lincoln resident Sara Holmes puts her money into an automatic giving plan.
Each month, she sees money automatically come out of her bank account and go into the Holmes Barrett Family Fund that she set up with husband Ian Barrett to benefit the Foundation’s Lincoln Community Fund.
“It’s money that you don’t miss,” Sara said.
It’s money, however, that is already providing great benefit. A portion of Sara’s monthly donation is having immediate impact on grants the Foundation provides to charities within Lincoln. So far the Foundation has provided more than $68,000 to build a new boardwalk at Charles Daley Park, to send kids to camp, and to purchase audio-visual equipment for the community rooms at the new Fleming Centre in Beamsville.
Meanwhile, funds created by Lincoln donors like Sara have provided another $611,000 in grants to charities serving the community since 2002.
For Sara, who hails from Vineland, giving back locally was important. So, too, was instilling the importance of helping — and how easy it can be — in her five-year-old daughter Taylor. Birthday parties and other events in Taylor’s life could all be used as opportunities to give, she said.
“This was something that we could always be donating to, and showing her how easy it is to do.”

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