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Ending gender violence: A priority for all

Women’s Place of South Niagara experienced its highest capacity ever in 2016.
Its shelter system, like many in Niagara, was gridlocked, as more women and children experiencing domestic
violence turned to the agency for refuge.
Something had to give and Women’s Place started by giving the problem a new name. No more would violence
against women and children be a women’s issue. The agency branded it a men’s issue and set about reframing
gender violence with the intention of reducing it.
With the help of a $5,000 grant from the Niagara Community Foundation, Women’s Place of South Niagara and
the local Coalition to End Violence Against Women (CEVAW) hosted 101 Men, a violence prevention training
program, at last year’s CEVAW Leadership Summit.
The money was used to bring Jackson Katz and his Mentors in Violence Prevention facilitators to Niagara. Katz,
a leader in the movement of men working to promote gender equality and prevent gender violence, delivered the
keynote address at the summit while his team taught an innovative approach to gender violence prevention.
“Violence against women is not just a women’s issue,” says Ruthann Brown, chair of the CEVAW ad-hoc leadership
summit committee. “It’s a men’s issue and we must align ourselves with men who are in leadership positions across
a broad range of sectors, who can help to break down systemic barriers and challenge social norms.”

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