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Cooper Family Fund

Cooper Family Fund

Grandmothers often hold a special place in our hearts. Trevor Cooper’s two family matriarchs, Verna Smith and Josephine Cooper, lived to be 99 and 96 respectively, leaving an indelible imprint on the St. Catharines resident. So when it was time for Cooper and his wife Christine to update their estate, they decided to make a lasting impact on Niagara’s senior community in return.

“We were very close with them both,” Trevor said. “I watched them both go through a lot of things. Fortunately, they had resources others
don’t and they avoided issues others don’t.”

The couple established the COOPER FAMILY FUND with the Niagara Community Foundation to benefit causes and organizations that help
with caring for local seniors. The fund took little time and work to set up, Trevor noted, making the decision to work with the community foundation even easier.

The Cooper Family Fund is a culmination of the charity work the couple already do, including Trevor’s advocacy work with the Alzheimer Society of Niagara. In 2020, Trevor’s company, Cooper Wealth Management, made a substantial donation to local charities, over and above his and Christine’s personal donations.

All in, it gave the Coopers a sense of where the needs are in the community. Meanwhile, setting up a fund with the community foundation gives them a sense of comfort that the money will be used well to help older Niagarans.

“If I donate the money to the Niagara Community Foundation, it will stay here and benefit the local space,” Trevor said. “If I give money to another charity, it sometimes disappears into the ether. I wanted this money to stay here and help the people of this community. The community foundation will make sure this will happen.”

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