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A love for Thorold

Mario and Rachel De Divitiis are big fans of Thorold.
It’s where Mario grew up, and where his family started and sustained
several businesses. It’s where his mother, Anna, has donated much of
her time as a volunteer, and where his father, Paolo, was honoured
after his death with a street named after him.
It’s also where Rachel bought her first home to set down roots before
she and Mario married.
So the couple didn’t hesitate when the opportunity arose to give
back to the city they say has given them so much.
That chance came at their wedding last year. With a large
guest list, they opted for wedding favours that would last
beyond their big day. They made a donation on each
guest’s behalf to establish the Mario and Rachel De Divitiis
Fund with the Niagara Community Foundation.
The couple are passionate about many causes and
working with the foundation would help take the
guesswork out of allocating their donation. They also
hoped their actions would inspire others to do
something similar to mark the big moments in life.
The Mario and Rachel De Divitiis Fund is part of
the larger Thorold Community Fund, which launched
in early 2016 after Mayor Ted Luciani pledged
$25,000 over three years to support its creation.
Mario and Rachel intend to continue contributing
to their fund, which will support causes and
organizations in their favourite city for years
to come.
“Rachel and I are very similar in our love of
Thorold. I said this at our wedding. I never thought
I’d meet anyone who loved Thorold or Niagara
more than I do,” Mario said. “Thorold has given
so much to my family and myself and Rachel.
It felt natural. I couldn’t see our first gift not
going to Thorold.”

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