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About Us / Board and Ambassadors

Board and Ambassadors

The Foundation's Board of Directors is composed of leading citizens from across Niagara. These men and women bring a wealth of skills and expertise to their work for the Foundation. Many also volunteer in leadership positions with charities and not-for-profits throughout Niagara.


Chair - Damian Goulbourne
Vice-Chair - Michael Mann
Treasurer - Brian Wilkie
Secretary - Bryan Rose
Past-Chair- Ruth Todd


Carrie Beatty
Rashmi Biswas
Linda Boich
Bill Crumm
Natasha DiCienzo
Gary Evans
Mario Ferrara
Ann Godfrey
Bev Hodgson
Mike Lethby
April Mitchell-Boudreau
Dave Shaw
Louise Veres

Sandy Annunziata
John Armstrong 
Brian Babcock
Ann-Louise Branscombe
Pat Darte
Dino DiCienzo
Andrea Douglas
Denise Elliott
John Fisher
Jessica Friesen
Rich Gark
Eric Gilbert
Alan Goddard
Mel Groom
Jim Howden
Brad Hutchings 
Paul Jones
Paul Leon
Jodi Lycett
Rena McDonald
Rosanne Marsh
Shirley Martin
Scott Maskel
Maria Menechella
Victor Muratori
Rob Neill
Eugene Oatley
John Palumbo
John Potts
Kelly Robson
Betty-Lou Souter
Janet St. Amand
Wade Stayzer 
Sharon Svob
Mary Turner
Rob Welch
Doug Whitty
Chris Wilson 
Madeline Woodhead
Debbie Zimmerman