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The Niagara Community Foundation offers a number of discretionary granting program for charities providing programs and services in Niagara.  For details on these programs, click here.

All Niagara Community Foundation Grants awarded through our various grant programs are categorized by 'Grant Purpose'. They are visible below once you choose a view filter; they can be sorted either alphabetically or by 'Grant Purpose'. They can only be sorted and viewed by one of the two filters.

  • United Way of St. Catharines and District - 2011 Youth

    Hire one teen residing in Manchester Avenue Family Community to develop and deliver educational, recreational, and leisure programming at the Manchester Youth Summer Program. In turn, that teen will gain employability skills and serve as a role model to neighbourhood children and youth.

  • Veterans Voices of Canada Association - 2016 Canada 150

    Keeping History Alive in Niagara - provide archival video documentation of Veteran stories to schools, museums, community groups and libraries as a tool to bring awareness of the sacrifices made to keep our freedom for the last 150 years.

  • Vineland Station Pastoral Charge (Vineland United Church) - 2014 Mini August

    Renovate space to host a "Free Lending Library" of large print books for seniors in their community.

  • Wainfleet Historical Society - 2013 Community Grant

    To build a cenotaph in the Township of Wainfleet in commemoration of the sacrifices made by the citizens of Wainfleet for freedom and peace.

  • Wainfleet Township Public Library - 2008 Mini - May

    Incorporate use of Wii into library programming

  • Welland and District Humane Society (S.P.C.A.) - 2009 Community

    Fund the education program that will be delivered to youth and community associations educating them about responsible animal ownership.

  • Welland and District Humane Society (S.P.C.A.) - 2011 Community

    We are putting in place an offsite adoption program for our dogs/cats. The events are from 2-3 days in duration and take the animals to different areas in Niagara to increase exposure and promote adoption. Declining adoptions has caused us to react with this new adoption program.

  • Welland and District Humane Society (S.P.C.A.) - 2012 Mini - Aug

    Renovation to the adoption area to create better space for animals.

  • Welland Heritage Council and Multicultural Centre - 2018 Summer Camp

    Summer camp.

  • Welland Public Library Board - 2007 Community

    Design and publish the newly created strategic plan to be circulated to the community and stakeholders.

  • Welland Public Library Board - 2009 Mini - May

    Fund the library card campaign for grade 3 students to promote literacy and create awareness of the library's services.

  • Welland Public Library Board - 2011 Mini - Oct

    Design and publish the newly created strategic plan to be circulated to the community and stakeholders.

  • Welland Public Library Board - 2017 Mini - March

    Purchase board games and computer games to provide alternative activities for children and youth to borrow while visiting the library, to be shared amongst all the city branches.

  • Wellspring Niagara Cancer Support Foundation - 2014 Community Fall

    Upgrade computers and software vital to programming and day to day operations of the organization.

  • Wellspring Niagara Cancer Support Foundation - 2015 Mini - March

    Create table top and floor agency banners to be used at community events to increase awareness of their services and members.

  • West Niagara Palliative Care Services o/a Rose Cottage Visiting Volunteers - 2016 Community - Fall

    Upgrade outdated Information Technology system components by acquiring up-to-date computer hardware and peripherals that will provide operational efficiency and effectiveness.

  • Willowbank School of Restoration Arts - 2012 Community

    Willowbank’s Administrative Coordinator will work with a Diploma student to establish an electronic database system for the school library. This specialized conservation library, with more than 1000 reference books and documents, including many rare items, will be made accessible to the students and the broader community.

  • Women's Place of South Niagara Inc. - 2016 Community - Spring

    The Coalition to End Violence Against Women will hold a Leadership Summit with Dr. Jackson Katz and his Mentors in Violence Prevention Training. This will be a backdrop for a documentary to give the project a long-term reach in order to deliver the message and outcomes to a wider audience.