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Funds / Donor Designated Funds

Donor Designated Funds

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In the case of Donor Designated Funds, donors have the opportunity to specify, at the time the fund is established, which particular charities to support in perpetuity. If unexpectedly, an organization ceases to exist, we can redirect the fund to support a similar cause. The minimum donation to open a designated fund is $10,000 per beneficiary.
All Niagara Community Foundation Funds  are categorized by 'Fund Purpose'. They are visible below once you choose a view filter; they can be sorted either alphabetically or by 'Fund Purpose'. They can only be sorted and viewed by one of the two filters.

   Fund Name
Fund Purpose
  • Joan E. Marlow Fund
  • John and Lillian Clark Fund
  • John-Micheal Martin Memorial Fund
  • Jordan Engineering Jane Cunningham Fund
    Community Economic Development
  • Joseph Olascki Trust Fund
    Children & Youth
  • Katey Marie Campbell Fund
  • Kiers Family Fund
  • Kuska Family Memorial Student Awards Fund
  • Lincoln County Fair Endowment Fund
  • Liz Powell Fund
    Animal Welfare