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Looking for donors in all the right places

Would you leave a gift for a good cause?
Turns out, many people would – but they haven’t been asked.
As baby boomers age and make plans for what will happen to their savings after they’re gone, the Niagara Community Foundation wants to make sure they have a chance to leave a legacy.
It turns out that asking them is important.
Only 7% of Canadians have named a charity in their will, yet nearly five times that amount have said they would leave a gift if they were asked.
And making “the ask” is worth it.
This intergenerational transfer of wealth, estimated by some to be worth as much as $1 trillion in Canada, will peak over the next 15 years. The Foundation has an excellent track record of encouraging generosity, with the size of Niagara bequests typically exceeding the national average.
Currently, there are eight charities in the Foundation’s Legacy Partners Program, getting expert advice and financial support as they develop and implement their plans to secure bequests. Donors are encouraged to endow their gift, and the Legacy Partners Program has a goal of endowing at least $3 million and up to $5 million over five years.
The current partners are:
Bethlehem Housing and Support Services
Community Care St. Catharines and Thorold
Education Foundation of Niagara
Kristen French Child Advocacy Centre
Niagara Foundation for Family & Children’s Services
Red Roof Retreat
Women’s Place of South Niagara
YWCA of Niagara
Charities interested in joining the Legacy Partners Program should contact the Foundation.

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