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Donors / Make Your Mark

Make Your Mark

Your legacy begins today!

Through the Foundation, donors create endowment funds that produce income to annually support their community long into the future.  Our donors are giving forward by giving back. We now have more than 225 endowment funds created by families, businesses and groups from across Niagara.  Donors make monthly, annual or one-time donations.  And once a fund is opened anyone can make a donation to the fund, at any time, in any amount.
To celebrate our nation’s 150th anniversary,  we thought a different type of gift could be created,  something that could continue to grow and give back to future generations in our community. With a goal of establishing 150 new funds to support our community long into the future, we thought: “What about creating something that is affordable to show that anyone can be a philanthropist? And why not provide an opportunity to have immediate impact while building a family legacy for the future?”

Through our Make Your Mark campaign we are inviting people to create an endowment fund to begin their legacy today to support their community for generations to come. To make it affordable, donors can make a minimum donation of $50 a month for 150 months, where $35 will be placed in their endowment fund and $15 will be pooled with other donations to provide grants in their community. When the last donation is made, donors will have invested $2,250 in grants in their community AND have a $5,000 endowment fund created as their family’s gift to their community.  It’s easy.  It’s affordable.  It’s impactful.  
For information on how to Make Your Mark in celebration of Canada’s 150th anniversary, contact the Foundation at: info@niagaracommunityfoundation.org or (905) 684-8688, ext. 22