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Water Providing a Vibrant Greenspace

Improved plumbing is creating a vibrant and educational greenspace in downtown Port Colborne and a
promise to welcome neighbours of all ages, thanks to a grant from the Niagara Community Foundation.

A new water supply for recently purchased buildings across from St. James and St. Brendan’s Anglican Church
will make it possible for the church to run irrigation to a community garden project, a woodworking shop and
a life skills centre for youth. The $5,000 grant from the Niagara Community Foundation allowed the parish,
which seeks the thriving and flourishing of its community, to begin tackling the ambitious intergenerational
project at the corner of King and Charlotte Streets.

The church intends to turn the adjacent empty lot into a community park and will use the new water line to
provide irrigation to a community garden. Next to one of the buildings, the church will construct a living wall
garden to grow edible plants, and will use both the garden and living wall to demonstrate sustainable, smallspace
gardening. Taking advantage of the gardens’ highly visible location in the urban core, the church will
also offer workshops on gardening, harvesting, and cooking with fresh produce. Volunteers from the church will
be building the gardens, while volunteers from the local garden club have offered to share their expertise with
novice gardeners.

Vegetables aren’t the only things that will be growing as a result of the new water supply. A local woodworking
club has expressed interest in moving into one of the recently purchased buildings, while the second will
become home to “Ozzie’s Garage,” a centre offering social programs for local youth.

“Our mission is to be the heartbeat of the city,” said church member and project organizer Lynda Reinhart.

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