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Our Stories

Restoration and Revitalization

Cleaner water and a greener park are being made possible in the hamlet of Wellandport, thanks to a $5,000
environmental grant from the Niagara Community Foundation.

The Township of West Lincoln used the funds to buy and plant close to 20 larger-diameter trees along the banks
of the Welland River at the Wellandport Community Park, delineating a better parking area and preventing
shoreline erosion caused by vehicles being driven too close to the water’s edge. New signage educates boat
ramp users on how to avoid damaging the shoreline and how to protect water quality, while the trees were
planted with “tree bags” that hold moisture and nutrients to aid their survival.

An ongoing partnership between the Township of West Lincoln and students from Smithville Christian High
School saw Grade 9 students mapping the area and helping to develop a master plan for the park, while
township staff planted the trees. The tree planting and new signage coincide with significant other investments in
the park, including a new library, plus plans for a new sports field, picnic pavilion and walking trail.
Keeping vehicles away from the water’s edge, plus the stabilizing effect of the trees’ roots, will help restore the
shoreline and revitalize the park, said West Lincoln planner Gerrit Boerema.

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