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Natural beauty delivers community safety

Warren Woods Trail is more than a pretty place to go for a stroll in Niagara Falls. Newly planted trees along the pathway give its beauty a practicality that will benefit residents for years to come. Those trees also serve to protect nearby properties from storm surges and flooding along the stream bed that cuts a swath through the area.
The greatest effects of the Warren Woods Trail tree planting project, led by the City of Niagara Falls’ Park in the City Committee with a grant from the Niagara Community Foundation, won’t be felt for another 10 to 15 years when the trees mature. Still, residents closest to the trail will be safer every year in the meantime from the ebb and flow of water in the stream, thanks to the work of volunteer tree planters, including a group from Greater Niagara General Hospital.
The project has inspired the planting of more trees in Niagara Falls’ green spaces. Warren Woods Land Corporation, which is building a sustainable mixed community in the city’s south end and which also contributed financially to the Warren Woods Trail project, was so impressed with the results that it hopes to continue a tree-planting partnership with the committee.
It’s incredible what’s grown from the $5,062 granted to the project by the Niagara Community Foundation: a beautiful and safer community, and one inspired to continue improving the environment in Niagara. 

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