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Creating a rich learning environment

DSBN - Glynn A Green Public School

At Glynn A. Green Public School in Pelham, the vision of the school was to build a beautiful, functional outdoor leaning space for students. They wanted to engage students from Brock University, and they wanted the space to utilize native plants, increasing biodiversity and creating a rich learning environment for students, families, and the community.

Those outcomes came to be. It started with three living willow arches, planted by a Brock leadership class, parents, teachers and Kindergarten students in the spring of 2014. In September and October, more shrubs followed as environmental education students from Brock sowed more than 30 species of native trees and plants, in beds mulched by teachers, students and the school community.

Nearly the entire 600-strong student body was able to take part in creating the outdoor classroom. The level of engagement for families and students was beyond what anyone could have expected, and the engagement is still going on. Students play and learn here every day, and they are even planning to grow vegetables in their new outdoor classroom.

The outdoor classroom at Glynn A. Green school was made possible with a $6,500 grant from the Niagara Community Foundation.

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