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Our Stories

A Community's Rich History

Canada 150 celebrations were that much more meaningful in the village of Queenston, thanks to the Niagara
Community Foundation.

A $9,000 grant from the Foundation made a party possible when the Queenston Celebrates Canada 150
Committee had been turned down elsewhere for funding to host an event that honoured the village’s and
country’s past and future.

The grant enabled the committee to make and mark history with the purchase and mounting of a commemorative
plaque in a new park. The monument highlights Queenston’s 225 years of rich history and demonstrates to
future residents the pride of generations before them.

Funds also contributed to the planting of 150 maple saplings in the park, a most Canadian symbol, that will
make the new green space a focal point and shady refuge as they take root and grow.

The money also funded the research and compilation of the Queenston’s history in one volume. It’s by no means
complete, says Carley Agnew, chair of the Canada 150 committee. But so far it’s brought complete joy to
village residents, as do the memories of Queenston’s Canada 150 celebrations, which were held on Sept. 23,

“Everything just fell into place,” Carley says. “By having the grant money, it gave us the time to do the research
we wanted to do on historical homes, and produce a document for people here. People who have been here
for 50 years are so thankful someone has done it.”

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