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Charities / Governance Partners Program (GPP) / GPP - How to apply

GPP - How to apply

How to apply for the GPP

  • Contact the GPP Co-ordinator, Gay Douglas, at gay.douglas@niagaracommunityfoundation.org or 905-835-2446
  • Have your board and senior staff complete the portion of the Gap Analysis Tool (GAT) that is the greatest priority
    • Board governance
    • Financial accountability and transparency
    • Fundraising
    • Staff management (or,)
    • Volunteer involvement
  • Share the GAT results with the GPP Coordinator
  • ​The GPP Coordinator will develop a draft workplan and budget to address your priorities
  • The Board reviews, revises (if needed) and approves the workplan
  • NCF reviews and approves the work plan
  • The Board chooses one of 4 GPP Consultants to work with them on the workplan
  • The consultant invoices the charity monthly
  • The charity invoices NCF monthly for half the consultant’s fees

The GPP Gap Analysis Tool

To qualify for the GPP, a charity completes Gap Analysis Tool (GAT) to identify priorities. It is critical is that the Board Chair/President and the organizations’ senior staff leadership (i.e. CEO, ED, senior staff member) or the entire board and senior staff work on this together, to ensure a balanced board/staff perspective.
The GAT covers five areas:
  • Board governance
  • Financial accountability and transparency
  • Fundraising
  • Staff management
  • Volunteer involvement


Note: It is only necessary to complete the portion of the GAT that is the greatest priority.

The GAT is based on the Imagine Canada Standards.  The Standards were developed to build excellence within Canada’s charities and non-profits through common standards of practice and to strengthen confidence in the sector. The Standards are tailored to different sizes of charities, depending on the number of staff and operating budget. 
Below are links to 3 versions of the GAT, in Excel spreadsheet format. Click on one of the links below to access the most appropriate version, download a copy and save it on your computer.
Organizations with up to 5 FTE employees and up to $2 million in annual expenses.
Level 1 (excel)

Organizations with up to 50 FTE employees and up to $10 million in annual expenses.
Level 2 (excel) 

Organizations with more than 50 FTE and over $10 million in annual expenses.
Level 3 (excel) 

Note: Imagine Canada uses the Standards as the basis for their national accreditation program.  However, there is neither an expectation nor any obligation on the part of the charity wishing to use the Governance Gap Analysis Tool to work with Imagine Canada on their accreditation program.  If a charity is interested in this program, here is the link for more information: http://www.imaginecanada.ca/our-programs/standards-program