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Charities / Governance Partners Program (GPP) / GPP - Overview

GPP - Overview

What is the Governance Partners Program (GPP)?

GPP was launched by the Foundation in 2016. This program helps registered charities identify their strengths and challenges they are facing in governance and management, and to provide expertise and resources to help charities improve their practices.

Through this program a registered charity:
  • Completes a Gap Analysis Tool to identify the organization’s priorities
  • Accesses the support of a qualified GPP consultant, accredited as a Certified Standards Program Coach through Imagine Canada
  • Gets 50% of the GPP Consultant’s fees covered by the Niagara Community Foundation. (NCF)

The GPP Consultants’ fees are $100 per hour. The Foundation will provide the charity with a cost-sharing grant of $50 per hour towards the proposed cost to implement the approved workplan. The charity can access only one GPP grant a year.

How to apply for the GPP

Follow this link to find out more about applying to the GPP program.

GPP Consultants

Your organization will have the opportunity to partner with one of the programs' 4 accredited Standards Program Coaches, certified through Imagine Canada. 

For more information
For more information on the Governance Partners Program, please contact Gay Douglas, the Governance Partners Program Coordinator at douglasandassoc@gmail.com or by calling 905-835-2446.