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Fathers get encouragement and support

Niagara fathers who are only allowed to see their children under supervision are getting help and encouragement in a new program started with the help of a grant from the Niagara Community Foundation.

The “Daddy and Me” program, operated by Family and Children’s Services Niagara, gives fathers quality time with their young children: singing songs, playing games and making crafts.
A $2,000 grant from the foundation allowed FACS to buy toys, art supplies, craft supplies, an art easel, a water table and snacks to equip the program that gives fathers positive, nurturing experiences with their children.

The “Daddy and Me” program targets those fathers who are struggling to recognize the development of their infants and those fathers who are working towards having their children returned to them. A partnership with Niagara Region public health brought in guest speakers and teachers.

 “We served fathers who showed an interest in their child’s development but who need a chance to learn about the physical and emotional well-being of a child,” said organizer Chris Walker. The start-up was highly successful and will be continued with funding from FACS and the FACS Foundation.

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