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Caring and community-building through sport

There’s no doubt about the power that sport and recreation activities can have within a community.
They help people build friendships and develop our next generation of leaders while fostering a spirit of teamwork, a love of the outdoors, and a sense of belonging. Yet for all the community connections that sport and recreation organizations create, they’ve historically been unable to access community foundation grants because they haven’t qualified as recipients.
The Niagara Community Foundation is changing that. In 2015, the Foundation allocated $10,000 to the Smart & Caring True Sport Matching Grants Program, funding sports and recreation groups in the region.
That money was matched by the McConnell Foundation in partnership with the True Sport Foundation. All in, it’s enabled the Foundation to support four grants: Growing Up Through Sports ($3,000); Niagara Cricket Club ($4,000); Niagara Sport Commission ($7,050); and S’COOL Mission ($2,500).
Going forward, the Foundation intends to integrate True Sport, with its principles of inclusion, fair play, respect, striving for excellence, having fun and giving back, into its annual granting program starting in 2016 — a win for everyone. 

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