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Artistic opportunities for teens

It’s easy to tap into our inner artists as adults.

Programs abound for grown-ups to pick up paint brushes, mold clay, or try their hands at drawing. Similarly,
the options are plentiful for exposing children to the wonders of creativity.

The Niagara Pumphouse Arts Centre wanted to give those same experiences to local teens after realizing
the opportunities for satisfying their creative spirits weren’t as fulsome. It set about to change that last year by
offering three new youth programs: an after-school art studio, pottery workshops, and camps for 12 to 17

A grant from the Niagara Community Foundation would help in its mission. The money would be used to
develop programming, buy equipment and sell the art courses to Niagara’s young and creative.
The Pumphouse worked with Brock University to develop a marketing plan to reach youth. It partnered with
the local public library to offer joint programming. All of it helped provide Niagara’s young people with
another creative outlet.

Photography, digital art, pottery, cartooning and graphic novels, palette knife painting and printmaking
were all added to the roster last summer. Sixteen youth registered for the programs. Others took out student
memberships at the centre. Family memberships at the Pumphouse also jumped.

Now the creative juices are flowing to grow the programming and enrolment in the coming years, and with
it, Niagara’s ranks of accomplished young artists.

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